Novak Djokovic private discussion with Kate Middleton in full after winning Wimbledon

Kate Middleton: Expert discusses movements at Wimbledon

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, managed to sneek a few words in with 2021 Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic inside Centre Court.

Djokovic was making his way through the heart of the All England Club, stopping for photos by the winners’ board.

He then made his way up the stairs to the members section where he was greeted by a few people before having a discussion with the Duchess.

The pair spoke about how special it was to get Wimbledon back on the tour this year and the Duchess also opened up on her own tennis game.

Express Sport has the full discussion between Djokovic and the Duchess below.

Novak Djokovic’s conversation with Kate Middleton in FULL

The Duchess: “Well done, lovely to see you play again.”

Novak Djokovic: “Lovely to see you too.

The Duchess: “It was especially hard this year because you haven’t had family here, limited team and the bubbles.

Djokovic: “Yes, you try to make the most of it but I think we are all grateful here today to be able to play and to be able play the biggest tournament in the world.

The Duchess: “With the crowd as well [laughs].”

Djokovic: “How is your tennis?”

The Duchess: “Every time we put a tennis kit on, the kids are there wanting to join in which is really great.

Djokovic: “That’s beautiful. All the best to your family. Thank you so much for being present today.”

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