‘It is important’: Russian tennis star announces she is gay

Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina announced on Monday that she is gay and found “living in the closet” impossible.

The 25-year-old, a semi-finalist at last month’s French Open, said she was inspired to come out after Russian soccer striker Nadya Karpova revealed she was gay in a country where homosexuality is frowned upon.

Daria Kasatkina revealed she has a girlfriend in an interview with a Russian blogger.Credit:AP

“Living in peace with yourself is the only thing that matters, f**k everyone else,” Kasatkina told Russian blogger Vitya Kravchenko after telling him that she has a girlfriend.

“I believe it is important that influential people from sports, or any other sphere really speak about it.

“It is important for young people who have a hard time with society and need support.”

Russian lawmakers have proposed extending a ban on the promotion of “non-traditional” sexual relationships to minors to include adults as well.

Russia’s existing “gay propaganda” law, passed in 2013, has been used to stop gay pride marches and detain gay rights activists.


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