The Hundred teams given DJs – as one vows to keep Sweet Caroline off playlist

The soundtrack to English cricket’s summer is getting a major upgrade with a dedicated DJ joining each team in The Hundred to help get the party started.

DJs such as Jess Iszatt at London Spirit or DJ Roesh at the Manchester Originals will effectively become a part of the squads as they put together playlists to help fans identify with the new teams and help the players get ready for action.

And players such as the Spirit’s 24-year-old leg spinner Mason Crane can’t wait to perform in the new tournament and get introduced to some new music that could help him deliver.

“To have a proper DJ playing at Lord’s is going to be pretty cool and I can’t wait for it to be honest,” said Crane.

“It helps get you going in the field and together with the crowd the music creates a brilliant atmosphere and makes it all a bit more of a spectacle.

“I can’t wait to hear what suggestions Jess comes up with. Expanding my music horizons can never be a bad thing. I’d just be playing Elton John and Coldplay, so I think it is a good thing we’ve got a DJ who can give a new audience something new.”

Iszatt specialises in new music as a presenter on BBC Radio London and Magic Chilled and can’t wait to stamp her influence on the two teams based at Lord’s, a ground she is yet to visit.

And in keeping with the freshness of the new hundred ball game, those who are expecting to hear ‘Sweet Caroline’ being belted out in St John’s Wood, should get ready for something different.

“I’m going to be in the team’s kit and repping the squads as best I can,” said Iszatt. “If they need someone to fill in, they can always ask me, but I think I might stick to the tunes!

“New music is my job and that is what I’m going to do and I hope the players and fans will enjoy it. They will have to trust me, but I’ll have something for everyone and I hope to see some Shazaming going on.

“I absolutely do not have Sweet Caroline in my collection and nor will it ever be on my usb for a game! I will have plenty of good music to help the moment when something big happens, don’t worry about that.”

With live acts sourced through BBC Introducing performing at every match as well, a Hundred ticket is going to provide fans with an entertainment experience to remember and an identity to get behind.

“Music is such an important part of what Manchester is all about,” said Kate Cross of the Originals. “Our city is a melting pot, but things like music, the weather and sport runs through everyone.

DJs and their squads

Kishan Bodalia @ Birmingham Phoenix

Jess Iszatt @ London Spirit

DJ Roesh @ Manchester Originals

Emily Pilbeam @ Northern Superchargers

Abbie McCarthy @ Oval Invincibles

Steph Nieuwenhuys @ Southern Brave

Charlie Burley @ Trent Rockets

Grl Talk @ Welsh Fire

"I've been in dressing rooms where we've had players from India, Australia, and New Zealand and music is something people can bring from their own culture.

"Someone like Harmanpreet Kaur was a bit reluctant at first to put her music on, but she loved Punjabi music so we asked her to put some on and she introduced us to some really cool dance music and I still listen to it now. That music brought us together.

“For the Hundred it will be great to have our very own DJ on hand to introduce some new tunes to us all and help lift everyone in the ground. It fits in with this new era of cricket that we are trying to create and the people we are trying to attract."

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