Racing Victoria stewards fine trainer Matthew Brown $400 for having kids with him at Sunday races

Cranbourne trainer Matthew Brown received another reminder of how expensive kids can be from Racing Victoria stewards on Sunday.

Stewards fined Brown $400 for having his two children with him at Sunday’s Cranbourne meeting.

Brown was at the track to saddle his charge Bonee, who finished sixth in a maiden race.

The trainer broke the current Covid-19 local rules but said he had no other option.

He said he had to take the five and six-year-old children with him to the races as there was nobody else available so supervise them on Sunday afternoon.

“My partner and I work on Sundays to give the staff the Sundays off and with the lockdowns and all that, the kids have been here, there and everywhere around grandparents and our actual babysitter,” Brown said.

“Everyone needs a break and with lockdown, you’re not meant to be going around to people’s houses and whatnot.

“They’re five and six years old so I can’t leave them at home. They were just out on the grass anyway.”

Can’t help but feel Victorian trainer Matthew Brown has been hard done by here…. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Brown said he knew stewards wanted to speak to him about the presence of the youngsters as soon as he entered the course.

“Brett Wright was the head steward and I saw him eyeing me off as I walked in with the colours, and I immediately thought he wanted to say something.

“He walked over and said, ‘your kids, you can’t have them here.’

“I said, ‘if you got me a babysitter, they wouldn’t be here, but I’ve got no other options at the moment, so they’re here’.”

Brown said stewards have reprimanded other trainers for similar incidents while Victoria works through its latest Covid crisis.

“Apparently there have been a few other people in the last three to six months that have been in the same situation,” Brown said.

“I don’t know if they got fined or not, but they have been told off apparently.”

Brown said he was not sure whether he had the right to appeal the fine but said it was not worth taking the matter further.

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