Jos Buttler explains why he changed his mind on Ashes tour after making U-turn

England star Jos Buttler has opened up about his decision to commit to the upcoming Ashes tour, admitting it was "a really tricky one".

There were concerns over whether the tour would go ahead at all because of Australia's strict coronavirus rules and Buttler publicly stated that he would "not be comfortable" going on the tour if his family could not accompany him.

"For myself, if I had to do a World Cup and an Ashes – four, five months without seeing my family – I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that," Buttler admitted last month.

However, after months of negotiations between the ECB and Cricket Australia, it was decided that the tour would go ahead and that families would be able to join the players over Christmas.

Player's families have been able to travel with them to the UAE for the ongoing T20 World Cup, but Buttler has revealed that his have not been able to as it is too soon after the birth of his second daughter Margot.

That made the issue of families travelling to Australia more pressing for Buttler, who told the Telegraph : "Every English player wants to be a part of an Ashes tour – it’s on the bucket list.

"It's the one tour I've never been on so that ambition to get selected for that tour and to experience what it's like was burning brightly.

"For any English player, that's the one tour that you want to be a part of and experience. My issue about going to the Ashes was never about cricket – it was simply that I have a young family.

"They can’t get out to the T20 World Cup – it’s too early because my second child, Margot, was only born last month.

"So if families weren't allowed to travel to Australia that would have meant doing five months apart from my family.

"I probably wouldn't have been comfortable doing that. It's a really tricky one because I know I'm not going to play cricket forever, but equally you want to be able to take your family with you."

However, now that the player's fears have been allayed, Buttler is looking forward to the prospect of first Ashes tour down under.

He added: "Luckily it's all been sorted out and everyone's been able to commit to the tour. I’m really excited for the trip, and very glad to be able to travel with my family, who are able to come on the whole tour."

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