England cricket fan runs into Bairstow while storming onto Oval field to bowl

A cricket fan has interrupted the fourth Test between England and India at The Oval, running onto the pitch and barging into Jonny Bairstow.

It is the third time this series that Daniel Jarvis aka Jarvo 69 has entered the field of the play.

In the second Test at Lord's, he ran onto the pitch after lunch in an Indian shirt and attempted to convince security that he was part of the India team.

At Headingley, he entered the field again after Rohit Sharma was dismissed, this time padded up as a batter.

Now, he has done it for a third time, running on the pitch at The Oval and bowling a delivery to Ollie Pope, before barging into Bairstow at the non-striker's end.

Speaking on commentary for Sky Sports, former England captain Michael Atherton said: "It was quite amusing the first time he did it, but I'm afraid it's rather lost its humour now."

"He's now collided into Jonny Bairstow," added Ian Ward. "This is unacceptable."

Reacting on Twitter, former India batter Aakash Chopra wrote: "Jarvo is back on the field of play. And this time he’s physically bumped into [Jonny Bairstow].

"I hope nobody is seeing humour in it anymore. Appalling that he’s allowed to attend every game in this series. #EngvInd"

Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle added: "I think a few people need to be sacked at grounds in England.

"This is a very serious security lapse and it just continues. Not even a prank anymore. #Jarvo #Idiot."

Cricket fans were also quick to react to the incident, with one writing: "This is absolutely pathetic.

"Deeply embarrassing that "Jarvo" can keep doing this. Should be banned from all cricket stadiums in the UK."

Another wrote: "Jarvo 69 is the least welcome figure to step on an England cricket ground since Allen Stanford's helicopter landed at Lord's."

"I didn’t find Jarvo funny first time, now it’s a farce", added a third. "Ban him from all grounds in the country, could have hurt Bairstow and damaged the bowlers run up".

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