Touchline mics pick up Henry's huge frustration at Montreal players

‘Can you pass it one touch? Then why don’t you do it?!’: Touchline mics reveal Thierry Henry’s huge frustration at his Montreal Impact players failing to complete ‘easy’ tasks in an insight into his managerial style

  • Thierry Henry was recorded during his side’s clash with New England Revolution 
  • Frenchman was frustrated with his players’ inability to follow his instructions 
  • He could be heard yelling: ‘Don’t blame anyone else, you turned the wrong way’
  • Henry did not last long in charge at Monaco and was said to lose dressing room 

Touchline microphones have picked up a fascinating insight into Thierry Henry’s management style at Montreal Impact as he lambasted his players from the sidelines. 

The Frenchman was recorded during his side’s 3-2 defeat by New England Revolution earlier this month and the soundbites made for a brilliant listen. 

Clearly frustrated by his players’ inability to carry out his instructions, Henry yelled at a number of them for various shortcomings. 

Thierry Henry cut a hugely frustrated figure on the touchline during his side’s 3-2 defeat

On one occasion he shouted: ‘Shamit (Shome), can you pass it one touch? Then why don’t you do it!?’

He then turns his attention to Amar Sejdic, saying: ‘Don’t blame anyone else, you turned the wrong way! If you turned you would have seen players here!’

Henry remonstrated with former Tottenham midfielder Victor Wanyama, shouting: ‘Mason was there Victor. No don’t scream. Mason was there! Mason tell him you were there alone!’ 

Shome again came in for a withering critique from his boss after Henry had put his hands together in exasperation before picking at the player: ‘Shamit! Can you go behind him? Not in front of him, that’s not football. That’s not a football run, man! Behind him.’

On one occasion, Henry took aim at former Tottenham midfielder Victor Wanyama 

There were a couple of ‘well done’ calls from the 43-year-old but by and large he cut a frustrated figure on the sidelines and gave his players an earful. 

It offered a fascinating insight into Henry the manager with fans interested in seeing how one of the all-time great strikers is adapting to life in the dugout.

A number of fans commented on the clip posted by MLS official twitter page and plenty claimed that Henry was struggling to deal with the fact that his players lacked the same ability he had. 

One wrote: ‘This is gold. Think Henry needs to realise not everybody finds football as easy as he did.’

The Frenchman’s side are 10th out of 14 sides in the MLS and microphones picked up his anger

And another reasoned: ‘I actually think this speaks to his struggles as a coach. For as immensely talented as he was/is – he thinks all players should be performing that way. And when they don’t its their fault as opposed to him needing to coach that ability/quality/strength from the group he has. 

Some defended Henry’s touchline shouts, arguing that many managers in the world scream the same kinds of instructions at their players and taking criticism is a key part of being successful. 

Montreal are currently 10th out of 14 teams in the MLS table having won seven, lost 12 and drawn two matches this season. 

Henry took the job on a two-year deal after his first managerial role at Monaco ended after only 20 games in charge.

The principality side suffered an injury crisis while he was there but his player management was also called into question. 

Montreal Impact are 10th in the table having lost four of their last five matches 

Henry was dismissed from his role as Monaco boss shortly after a defeat by Ligue 2 side Metz 

Henry’s tenure in charge at Monaco became a nightmare and he only lasted 20 games 

On one occasion he publicly gave Benoît Badiashile a dressing down for not pushing his chair back under the table at a press conference. 

But his desire for high standards and discipline was at odds with his own behaviour at times, notably when he screamed at an opposition full-back that his ‘grandmother is a wh***’ during a 5-1 defeat by Strasbourg. 

After one 3-1 home defeat to Metz, a club in the second tier, Henry wanted to relegate a number of his top players to the reserves. 

Some of the senior stars then requested a meeting with the Monaco board and the manager was later dismissed, taking with him a settlement thought to be around £13million. 

He was sacked in January last year and became Montreal boss in November 2019.  

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