Top 10 quirky football shirts as Norwegian club releases QR code top

Norwegian top-flight club Tromsø appear determined to break barriers after launching a football kit which contains a QR code that draws attention to human rights issues over in Qatar.

The Eliteserien side have created their eye-catching new third kit in collaboration with Amnesty International and, when scanned, the featured QR code sends spectators to a webpage detailing information on conditions in Qatar, the controversial host of next year's World Cup.

Alongside the unveiling, the Norwegian club proudly stated: “Tromsø were the first professional club worldwide to speak out against the inhumane conditions in the country.

“We hoped Fifa and Qatar would listen to us the last time, but obviously money still trumps human rights and human lives. How many human rights violations will it take before the football community unites to demand better protection for migrant workers?”

While Tromsø's claims that they are the first ever team to adorn a kit featuring a QR code may not strictly be true (more on that later), the club's new clobber has certainly got people talking.

Following latest innovative attempt at designing a football kit with a twist, Daily Star Sport takes a closer look at some of the sport's other eyebrow-raising entries in the category of football's quirkiest kits going.

Forward Madison (2021-22)

Despite their proud claims, Tromsø's new attire isn't the first to contain a QR code if Forward Madison have anything to say about it.

The American outfit included the feature on their jersey back for the 2021-22 season, a number somewhat misleading named the Friends With Benefits Kit.

The groovy garb contained a checkered design with the team's colours of white, pink and blue as well as the QR feature which, when scanned allowed individuals to purchase a beer for a fan at Breese Stevens Field, the club's home stadium.

Forward Madison’s Art Director Cassidy Sepnieski explained that the concept was to connect the global football community through kits and beer.

“This one [kit] felt like it didn’t have any rules…no expectations, just a free open space to explore and do something weird," Sepnieski revealed. "It evolved into a whole bigger idea and connects things that we wanted to do from the start. It feels freeing and fun, I can’t wait to see the ripple effect it has.”

CD Palencia (2016-17)

What's the quirkiest kit in football history? Let us know in the comments section below.

Perhaps one of the most iconic kits of recent times, Club Deportivo Palencia's anatomical attire gave new meaning to the phrase 'playing out of your skin'.

The team from the Spanish fourth tier set pulses racing when they unveiled a special number, designed by Juan Francisco Martin (more on him later) for their Tercera Division play-off matches back in 2017.

The strip, which displayed muscles from the human anatomy on the shorts and shirt, was advertised at the time with the slogan “nos dejamos la piel,” which roughly translates as ‘we give our skin’ and was supposedly a sign of the team's die-hard commitment to the Palencia cause.

Rumour has it, oppositions full-backs often got skinned.

Braga (2019-20)

Braga's kit designers for the 2019-20 season were clearly given the brief of 'something intimidating' when they created the club's third kit.

The Portuguese side unveiled an effort which was inspired by the armour of the troops of Ancient Rome for reasons that no one appears quite sure about.

The grey getup featured an an all-over graphic print and red logos making them appear somewhat similar to Roman soldiers of old.

You'd like to think they had a midfield warrior in the side at the very least.

Athletic Bilbao (2004)

Basque artist Dario Urzay was clearly advised to add a splash of red when he was asked to design a special shirt to mark Athletic Bilbao’s centenary because it appears that's exactly what he did.

The shirt, which was only worn during Bilbao's short UEFA Cup campaign in 2004, was supposed to evoke a blood splatter but looked more a white canvas covered in ketchup.

The club are clearly better off sticking to stylish stripes.

Cameroon (2004)

Cameroon caused controversy with their cladding for the 2004 African Cup of Nations with a kit as close to a onesie as football has ever seen.

The all-in-one, which saw a skin-tight green top stitched into red shorts, was so controversial in fact that the Cameroon Football Federation were fined and initially docked six points from their World Cup qualifying campaign.

It wasn't the first time the Indomitable Lions had caused uproar either, having played in sleeveless vests back in 2002.

Zamora CF (2018-19)

After grabbing the headlines with his Palencia kit, quirky designer Juan Francisco Martin's services were once again called upon by another Spanish fourth tier side.

Zamora CF donned a black and dark blue third kit for the 2018-19 season which was imprinted with the human circulatory system, but had the small adjustment of the team's logo in place of the heart.

If that wasn't enough, a message on the back read: “The blood, that reddish fluid that transports life through our body, which is born and flows from the heart to nourish our emotions and feelings.”

Zamora reportedly showed real heart that season.

Atletico Madrid (2004)

What was it with 2004 and quirky kits?

While it's understandable that some smaller footballing sides aim to hit the headlines with quirky kits, Atletico Madrid's name on this list is certainly an eyebrow-raiser.

To celebrate the release of Spider-Man 2 in cinemas across the world back in 2004, Atleti adorned a blue number with a giant spider web emblazoned on the front, manufactured by none other than Nike.

We would loved to know what Diego Simeone thought of this one.

Cultural Leonesa (2014-15)

A third and final entry from daring designer Juan Francisco Martin, Cultural Leonesa were in fact the first to recruit his services.

To celebrate their 90th anniversary, Martin conjured up a unique tuxedo shirt which featured a mock bow tie and buttons.

I suppose it does save on the need to change afterwards before going straight out for a post-match dinner. Might have been a bit pongy though.

Bedale FC (2021-22)

Famed for their novelty kits which included hot dogs and bangers and mash, Bedale FC were back with a bang in 2021 with the world’s first see-through strip. Yes, you read that right.

The kits included giant white arrows on the shorts and shirt which pointed to the male genital region and sported the message: “Don’t forget to check.”

The North Yorkshire club, who ply their trade in the North Riding League, created the clever number in honour of Prostate Cancer UK and for every kit sold, donated £5 to the charity.

Getafe (2009-10)

What is it with Spain and spectacular kits?

Rather bizarrely, Getafe's gear for the 2009-10 season was sponsored by fast-food giants Burger King.

While that's not exactly quirky, the shirts also included the face of the "King" on the underside so when a player celebrated by pulling the shirt over his head, the royal was revealed.

Getafe ended up having a whopper of a season, reaching the Copa del Rey semi-finals and finishing in a very commendable sixth.

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