Toon fans rage a Ashley for '£7m taken from season-ticket holders'

Newcastle fans rage at Mike Ashley as they claim under-fire owner has taken £7MILLION from season-ticket holders for matches they can’t attend

  • Newcastle supporters must splash out £14.95 to watch Manchester United clas
  • Controversial pay-per-view plan is kick in the teeth for already put-upon fans 
  • More than 18,000 are still being charged season tickets for this season  
  • Supporters Trust say they are only ones charged for games they cannot go to

Newcastle fans are seething with Mike Ashley as they claim the club has made £7million from season ticket holders since March, despite games being behind closed doors.

To make matters worse, the controversial pay-per-view scheme means that Magpies supporters will have to pay £14.95 to watch games not already on subscription services, starting with the Manchester United clash this weekend.

Newcastle Supporters Trust put out a statement, reading: ‘Over 18,000 fans are still being charged monthly direct debit payments for season 20-21 and have been since March.

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has been criticised for charging season ticket holders

Supporters have not been allowed to watch their team play live in the stadium since March

‘Over £1m per month flows out of North East fan households into Newcastle United, at a time of record unemployment and hardship.

‘No other Premier League club is currently taking money from fans. On top of this, fans must pay £14.95 for pay-per-view games. The cost of watching football in the UK is out of control.

‘Sky, BT and Amazon Prime combined is a minimum of £803.88 per year. Adding £14.95 pay-per-view games will be almost £300 per year extra.

‘This is not right. The Premier League should act. Newcastle United need to act. 

‘Stop taking money from people who need it. Start listening and talking to fans. Start giving back.’

The Premier League is understood to have grown agitated by giving their product away for free during lockdown. 

But there was widespread condemnation from supporters around the country when the pay-per-view plan was announced, particularly at the high price point of £14.95. 

In a meeting with all the top flight sides, only Leicester registered objection to the plan. 

Clubs argue that the continued lack of revenue with fans not allowed back into stadiums means their hands have been forced.  

Sky Sports and BT Sport announced a pay-per-view service for Premier League matches

In terms of the season ticket costs of Newcastle fans, a source told the Sun: ‘There is a commitment to refund fans for missed games.

‘But it is difficult to say season tickets will cease because we don’t know how many games they will miss.

‘We have been in dialogue with the Trust and had meetings planned for next week.’    

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