Premier League refs clamping down on particular rule which could mean more goals

Premier League referees are set to clamp down on one particular rule this season which could lead to more goals scored.

A new campaign usually means a new set of regulations and this year is no different. Prem officials held a group meeting on Wednesday (August 3) at St George's Park to go over the plans.

Former referee Mike Dean, who is now a VAR official, revealed in his Daily Mail column that they will be looking to increase the time that the ball is in play. Last year it was only 55 minutes and seven seconds per game.

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That figure was the lowest for a decade, meaning paying fans got less for their money. Dean said: "We may be more proactive in trying to let the games flow when possible."

With the ball in play more often, that will provide teams with more opportunity to find the back of the net. It will also be a welcome change to the stop-start nature which has increased in recent years.

What changes do you want to see from referees this year? Let us know in the comments section.

Other rule changes that fans need to be aware of for 2022/23 include the introduction of five substitutions. They must be made within three windows, though.

Also, fourth officials will now always have a ball stationed next to them, with two balls behind each goal and another two on each touchline which should help to speed things up.

Elsewhere, goalkeepers will be able to stay behind their line when facing a penalty. Previously they had to keep one foot on the line when a spot kick was taken.


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