Premier League "condemns" European Super League proposal

The Premier League "condemns" the proposal of a European Super League after the big six of English football signed letters of intent to join.

So far 12 European clubs have signed up to the breakaway competition, including Manchester City, Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham from the Premier League.

In a statement released on Sunday, a spokesperson for the Premier League said: "The Premier League condemns any proposal that attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit which are at the heart of the domestic and European football pyramid.

"Fans of any club in England and across Europe can currently dream that their team may climb to the top and play against the best. We believe that the concept of a European Super League would destroy this dream.

"The Premier League is proud to run a competitive and compelling football competition that has made it the most widely watched league in the world. Our success has enabled us to make an unrivalled financial contribution to the domestic football pyramid.

"A European Super League will undermine the appeal of the whole game and have a deeply damaging impact on the immediate and future prospects of the Premier League and its member clubs, and all those in football who rely on our funding and solidarity to prosper.

"We will work with fans, The FA, EFL, PFA and LMA, as well as other stakeholders, at home and abroad, to defend the integrity and future prospects of English football in the best interests of the game."

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is set to hold the chairman's role within the league's new structure with Liverpool's John W. Henry, Man United's Joel Glazer, Arsenal's Stan Kroenke and Juventus' Andrea Agnelli as vice-chairmen.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan are the European sides who have signed up for the competition alongside the six English clubs.

The clubs' combined involvement would entirely devalue any UEFA competition, with UEFA's announcement of its own proposal for a revamped Champions League just 24 hours away.

The six English clubs, who have no plans to resign from the domestic game, need the support of the Premier League for the idea to come to fruition.

But the Premier League is not prepared to weaken its own competition and is staunchly against the proposal, as explained in Sunday's statement.

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