Pele: Brazil football legend to leave intensive care after surgery

Pele will leave intensive care this week

Pele will be moved out of intensive care in the next day or two as the Brazilian football legend continues his recovery from surgery.

The 80-year-old, three-time World Cup winner has been in the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo since doctors removed a tumour from his colon earlier this month.

“He is doing well post surgery, he is not in pain and is in a good mood (annoyed that he can only eat jello but will persevere!),” daughter Kely Nascimento said.

“He will move into a regular room in the next day or two and then go home.

“He is strong and stubborn and with the support and care of the brilliant team at Einstein and all of the love, energy and light that the world is sending, he will get through this!”


The hospital said last Friday that Pele was recovering satisfactorily.

Pele has suffered from hip problems for years and cannot walk unaided. His public appearances were already being cut before the Covid pandemic and since then he has made few unnecessary forays outside his house near Santos.

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