Michael Owen’s greatest ever tweets – from killing a rabbit to X Factor moan

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Michael Owen is known for his crucial goals and Man of the Match performances, though some of his brilliant old tweets aren’t to be forgotten either.

The 41-year-old came through the Liverpool academy before making his debut in the 1995/96 campaign.

After making 216 league appearances and scoring 118 times over the course of eight seasons, Owen left for Real Madrid but struggled in Spain.

He bounced back at Newcastle and became a fans' favourite before leaving for short spells at Manchester United and Stoke City.

But back then, players were not media trained nor overly tech-savvy, and Owen is a prime example of what happens when that isn’t the case.

Here are some of Owen’s best ever tweets…


Public plea

We kick off with a bit of light-hearted humour from the former England striker as he shared a photo of his dogs posing in a ‘peculiar’ manner and requested the same treatment from his wife. The kids are really going to find that one funny when they grow up…

What is a ‘Christmas’?

For most people, Christmas is the best time of year. However, Owen seems to have slept through the 25th of December for most of his life as he seemingly came to the realisation that the whole shebang was good fun.

Dealing with the trolls

Owen has always come across as a laid-back, easy-going chap. However, get on his wrong side and that all changes, as @JT1zzle found out.

Michael ‘Movember’ Owen

In a harmless yet hilarious tweet, the former Liverpool striker shows off his Movember efforts with a selfie, topless.

Cheeky update for the followers

Which Owen tweet is your favourite? Comment below.

Social media is all about letting your friends and followers know about what you’re doing, where you’ve been, etc. And although some of Owen’s previous tweets are obscure and random, he seemed to grasp the whole Twitter malarkey in this post.

Saturday Night TV

Previously, Owen has spoken about he didn’t enjoy films… but classic Saturday night television too? Surely not. The winner of the 2014 series, when this was tweeted, was Ben Haenow, he’s released a few songs since but nothing that’s topped the charts.

Poor Peter Rabbit

My personal favourite, this tweet has it all. Emotion. Storytelling. Succinctness. Most people would let an incident like this pass and let it be forgotten, but not our Michael, he needed to let all of us know what had happened on his drive home.

When Owen met a squirrel

This time, we have a two-parter with very different emotions displayed by Owen in each. Chalk and cheese, if you will.

Owen shows off two cracking shots of a squirrel that had decided to be resourceful and steal a few mouthfuls of bird food, but when caught in the act he/she had to scare off the witness – Owen.

Dad jokes

Love them or hate them, a Dad joke always manages to crack a smile or two in a crowd. In this simple but effective tweet, Owen poses in front of a sign pointing guests at an elite sports event into a hall, questioning where he should go if he doesn’t fall into the select group.

Speed demon

We conclude with an anger-fuelled tweet from Owen as he reveals how frustrating he finds the speed limits on the M6 because, like every football fan most Saturdays, he is rushing to get home in front of the telly and watch the scores fly in. Never change, Michael. Never change.

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