Man United CEO Richard Arnold insists leakers have now left the club

Richard Arnold claims the ‘two sources of leaks’ inside the Manchester United dressing room have both LEFT the club during his pub talk with fans after last season was marred by insights into their toxic dressing room

  • Manchester United have been plagued by leaks and insights into player toxicity
  • Supporters aired their concerns, but Richard Arnold says the leakers have gone 
  • The CEO met fans near his Cheshire home on Saturday for a face-to-face talk 
  • There, he admitted that last season’s sixth place finish was a ‘f***ing nightmare’ 

Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold has insisted that the two figures suspected of leaking information and shedding light on the toxic dressing room at the club have now left, after he met supporters ahead of a planned protest on Saturday.

As reported by Sportsmail on Saturday night, it is understood a group of fans travelled to the area in which Arnold lives, with various reports claiming they were set to hold a protest outside his house against the controversial ownership of the Glazers.

However, the club’s most senior executive discovered that the fans had gathered in a pub before setting out, and met them there instead. Frank words were exchanged, and a video of the conversation, apparently filmed in secret, was posted on Twitter.

Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold has insisted the leakers at the club have now left

Arnold held a face-to-face conversation with supporters to head off a protest at his house

The supporters aired their frustration at United’s horror season last time out, with Arnold even admitting it was a ‘f***ing nightmare’. Also on the agenda was the constant drip of insight into the club’s issues and discontent among the players.

Arnold, though, is said to have told the group that ‘the two sources of the leaks have now left the club’. He did not disclose the identity or role of the individuals involved, but his comments appear to suggest that United are confident the rot will stop.

Six players have left Old Trafford so far, with Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, Edinson Cavani, Nemanja Matic, Juan Mata and Lee Grant exiting on free transfers. 

Earlier this season, Gary Neville claimed he knew the names of the players behind the ‘disgusting’ dressing room leaks, which undermined Ralf Rangnick and his staff. 

The group discussed the state of the struggling club, with fans concerned over player toxicity

It was claimed that some United stars referred to Rangnick’s No 2, Chris Armas, as Ted Lasso – the hapless coach from the Apple+ TV series. Elsewhere, a number of the first-team squad were said to have been left disgruntled by their treatment. 

‘Players agents and PR teams were briefing the media on a matchday about what was going on inside a club, and it was the first time I had seen it and known for it to happen – it really unnerved me,’ club legend Neville told Sky Sports.

‘That is happening at Manchester United now – they are at it, the PR teams, the agents and the marketing teams, as a self-preservation for their own player.

‘But what they do not realise is that unfortunately, when they go to the media then those media people go to us – so we know who is briefing. The reality is that we do not like it, but we know who it is.

Earlier this season, Gary Neville (pictured above) described the leaks at United as ‘disgusting’ 

It was claimed Red Devils stars were comparing assistant coach Chris Armas (left) to Ted Lasso

‘I thought that was downright disrespectful – I did not find it funny at all that they were describing Ralf Rangnick’s No 2 as Ted Lasso and not only was it disrespectful, but I found it disgusting.

‘It sums up what I think of them: that they are disrespectful.’

United would not directly comment on yesterday’s conversation with Arnold, but believe his decision is indicative of their desire to be more open with the fanbase. 

The United CEO has also acknowledged mistakes in how the club has been run. 

Lasso’s (above) character is a hapless American coach who takes over a Premier League club 

He admitted that the Red Devils have ‘burned through cash’ due to a number of disastrous moves in the market, and said he was not ‘thrilled’ with ‘where we are’.

‘We spent a billion pounds on players, more than anyone in Europe,’ Arnold said.

‘I’m not thrilled where we are. It doesn’t sit easy with me and I worry how we get this sorted for the future. What’s happened is we have f***ing burned through cash. 

‘You can’t go to our training ground and say ‘show me where the £1billion is’ because we haven’t spent money well historically. 

Arnold (R) replaced Ed Woodward (L) earlier this year and is keen to start with a fresh slate

United fans remain critical of the Glazers, and Arnold admitted that the club have spent poorly

‘Last year was a f***ing nightmare. There was hate at every game. We’ve blown through an enormous amount of money.’

Arnold was appointed to succeed the much-maligned Ed Woodward in February.

His first major move was to appoint Erik ten Hag as the manager, replacing Rangnick after his interim spell saw the side slump to sixth in the Premier League. 

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