Man making huge money selling luxury cars to Premier League players on WhatsApp

A car salesman is making a fortune selling luxury cars to Premier League footballers on WhatsApp.

Richard Clark has sold thousands of cars from his Bournemouth showroom since launching Premier Sports Solutions back in 2005. But the 42-year-old has also become the go-to supplier for an array of football stars, including England internationals Aaron Ramsdale and Kalvin Phillips.

Clark revealed to The Sun that word-of-mouth recommendation has seen his business grow exponentially into one of the biggest independent suppliers to footballers in the UK. And it is over WhatsApp that some of English football’s biggest talents make their requests.

He told The Sun: "It's very simple. Footballers come to us, often after a team-mate has recommended us, tell us what they want on WhatsApp and we supply them the car.

"Most don't really want to come into the showroom, they're not really interested in that, they just want what they want and on their drive. But we have a very strong presence online now with our Instagram profile, which gives people an idea of what cars we can source.”

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His two top requests are the £250,000 Lamborghini Urus and G Wagons, having sold around 25 of each model in the past year. However, Clark’s initial foray into the world of football was first sparked by Jamie Redknapp asking him to help find a car.

Clark, who is still friends with Jamie’s brother Mark, sold the former Tottenham star a Bentley, before being asked by Les Ferdinand and Tim Sherwood for similar favours.

He explained that by giving footballers top-quality service, they have always come back. It is for that reason that he has been able to expand his position in the niche world of celebrity car sales.

Clark went on to say how the method of payment ranges from footballers using finance to paying outright. And when they fancy a change, the businessman even sells the vehicles on at their face value price in order to ensure a maximum return for his clients.

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