Liverpool flag so bad fans demand ‘ban from Champions League for 600 years’

Liverpool fans have unveiled a flag so bad it's had rival supporters calling for them to "banned from the Champions League for 600 years" for making it.

Thousands upon thousands of Reds have headed to Paris for tonight's final against Real Madrid with many of those showing their support with their own flags. One in particular ended up going viral on social media for its controversial wording.

It read: "Eifel Tower is pretty hip hop, but we're here to watch the boys and Klopp. If you climb to the top you can see the city. No not Peps boys they were knocked out by Ben Zimmy."

One Twitter user commented: "Automatic disqualification and banning from any future European competition for the next 600 years. Awful." A fellow Liverpool fan questioned: "Why are we gassing Benzema for knocking out City when we're about to play against him? lol."

Another Red wrote: "You’re going to Paris…you want to make a banner…you pay the money…and this is what you come up with? A total embarrassment giving us all a bad name." A Manchester City supporter asked: "It’s the biggest game of your season, why are little City on your mind?"

What's the worst football flag you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments section.

"Maybe the worst thing I’ve ever seen," replied one person. "I’m always saying 'Eiffel Tower is pretty hip hop'", joked another.

One fan wrote: "Not sure if this is supposed to be a poem or just a load of Wordle guesses put on a flag." While one baffled individual added: "I could do a 2000 Word Essay on this picture alone and I still wouldn’t have enough words to explain what’s wrong with it."

It's not the first Liverpool flag to be questioned this week either. A small group of their supporters were slammed for posing with a Luis Diaz banner which made an offensive reference about his home country of Colombia.

"Only Columbia's finest gets through Liverpool customs," read the message which alluded to the South American nation's history of high-profile drug crime.

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