‘King s***house’ Diego Costa’s best wind-ups as ex-Chelsea star set for Wolves

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If it manages to get over the line, former Chelsea striker Diego Costa will make a move to Wolves.

The Midlands side are looking to bring in a replacement after Sasa Kalajdzic broke his ACL, meaning he would be out on the sideline for months.

And if Carlos does come, Premier League sides better be prepared, as he’s earned quite the reputation over the lines for, well, being a bit of a mean b*stard.

At the moment, he is a free agent, but that could all change if Wolves get the work permit sorted. And in the event that happens, it’s worth reminding ourselves about what a loveable rogue Costa really is.

Against Gabriel

Infamously in a game against Arsenal in 2015, Costa riled up opponent Gabriel Paulista and got him sent off for absolutely nothing.

The striker got a retrospective ban for his actions. The FA said that: "Both clubs have been charged for failing to control their players under FA Rule E20."

It makes for one of the most memorable Costa moments – and microcosm of what he is all about: sh*thouse perfection personified.

Against Benfica

In 2007, when Costa was at Braga on loan from Atletico Madrid, he gave the world a little taste of what was to come.

Chasing the ball with an opponent bearing down, Costa put out a foot and crunched right into the knee of the Benfica player. Not even a foul was given by the referee, who gestured for play to continue. We're not sure quite how he got away with that one.

Against Gareth Barry

Oh no, not our Bazza. When Everton faced off against Chelsea and the Blues were 2-0 down at Goodison Park, tempers flared.

With the ball at his feet, Costa tried to skip past Barry, only the midfielder took a swipe at his legs. It seemed a delicate move, but Costa went down nonetheless.

The striker and the veteran player squared off, and at one point it appeared that Costa tried to take a bite of Barry’s neck. The referee saw this one and sent the Spaniard off.

Against Emre Can

While at Chelsea again – maybe it was something in the water there? – Costa made a sly stamp on Emre Can when he was on the ground.

The Liverpool midfielder went down by the touchline and chasing the ball nearby, Costa used Can’s shin as leverage to get towards it. He was given another retrospective ban for his deed.

Against Tottenham

The Battle of Stamford Bridge will go down as one of the most legendary matches to come out of the Premier League. Costa did not have a huge part to play, but he certainly added to it.

In a tussle with Jan Vertonghen, the striker got frustrated and shoved his face into the Tottenham defender’s own. But it was the Belgian that somehow found himself with the yellow card.

Against Xabi Alonso

During the 2014 World Cup and clearly bored on the substitutes bench, Costa thought it would be a good idea to start waxing his team-mate.

Xabi Alonso looked over, feeling something on his leg, only to see Costa attempting to alleviate hair from his thigh. He did not seem to mind much, though.

Against Sergio Ramos

That’s right – even some of the biggest sh*thouses get sh*thoused themselves. Step forward Sergio Ramos, who felt the wrath of Costa just months after the defender had ‘injured’ Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final.

In the UEFA Super Cup, Costa, then playing for Atletico Madrid gave Ramos a sly kick to the head when he was on the ground.


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