Highest-attended stadiums this season with Sunderland above embarrassing Juve

Football fans have been left baffled after discovering Sunderland have a higher average attendance than Italian giants Juventus so far this season.

The newly promoted Championship side boast an impressive average attendance of 37,926 – while Juventus have only attracted 37,634 fans on average at home games. The Black Cats' huge number also puts them ahead of Napoli, Leeds, and Leicester.

Sunderland's average attendance is at a five-year high for the side from the northeast after battling their way back into the second tier last season. And fans have loved the fact Sunderland have a higher average attendance than the Old Lady.

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One fan simply put: "Sunderland fans are unbelievable, Juventus fans utterly embarrassing!"

"With the region’s wealth. Sunderland fans are loyal, local and fantastic. While Juventus are a successful club that can’t even attract a decent fan base to games, embarrassing," a second added. "Acting like this is a surprise.. best in the world," a third tweeted.

However, some fans were quick to point out Juventus' Allianz Stadium only holds 41,000 fans, while the Stadium of Light can pack in 49,000 fans.

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Elsewhere on the list, Manchester City were ranked ahead of Liverpool and Chelsea, but still found themselves almost 20,000 behind Manchester United.

Barcelona attracted the highest average attendance in Europe, with 83,383 fans, with Borussia Dortmund close behind the Spanish giants.


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