Guardiola’s angry response to question after FA Cup exit over "poor argument"

Pep Guardiola gave an angry response when asked if he had paid enough attention to the FA Cup in light of the 1-0 defeat to Chelsea on Saturday.

Manchester City were dumped out of the competition thanks to a Hakim Ziyech strike, ending their quadruple hopes.

Both City and Chelsea had played, and progressed, in the Champions League earlier in the week.

But Guardiola was furious when it was put to him that he had not given the correct amount of focus to the competition.

When it was put to him if that was the case, he retorted: "What could I say? When you have two-and-a-half days to recover and you have to play away and travel for longer than three hours, everyone deserves to play. But don’t say we don’t pay attention.

“The team arrives in the final stages of all competitions, you couldn’t say that. When this team won three or four finals in a row in the Carabao Cup. Just say we lost the game.

“When you lose the game the decisions are bad, but it is a poor argument my friend. It’s so poor.

“You do not get to the semi finals of the FA Cup or the final of the Carabao Cup four years in a row and semi finals of the Champions League when we do not pay attention.

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“We had many many tough games in the FA Cup and in the last four or five years the team always plays to try and win the game.

“It was a tight game, we were not able to win, congratulations to Chelsea, Chelsea’s a top side.”

Guardiola then proceeded to ask the journalist who had irked him whether would have had a different take if City won.

“What would happen if the result today was completely different? Say it before the game,” he added.

“Say Pep doesn’t pay attention or the players don’t pay attention. Say it before. Not after, just because we lose a game.

“Next time tell me which people say that. Don’t put the responsibility on the other people saying that. Tell me which ones.

“Do you think we don’t pay attention? Do you think Sterling, or Ferran or Jesus didn’t deserve to play the game?”

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