French cop admits claim Liverpool fans had 40,000 fake tickets was ‘a mistake’

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Didier Lallement, the head of policing at the Champions League final in Paris, has finally admitted that he made a mistake in saying that 40,000 Liverpool fans tried to gain entry to the Stade de France with fake tickets – before defending his initial allegation.

The 56-year-old Paris police chief testified before a French Senate commission tasked with investigating the horrendous scenes and admitted that that security operations had been a "failure" while apologising for the use of tear gas.

The authorities had blamed fake tickets and late arrivals among English supporters for the chaotic pre-match scenes, but the use of tear-gas and pepper-spray on fans that included women and children caused uproar worldwide.

Lallement said on Thursday (June 9): "Perhaps I made a mistake with the figure I gave to the minister."

Before adding: "I never claimed that it was absolutely accurate."

Liverpool fans, including UFC star Paddy Pimblett also shared details on attacks on their fanbase both before and after the fixture, with Lallement admitting that his force was not prepared.

"It is obviously a failure," Lallement added.

"It was a failure because people were pushed around and attacked. It’s a failure because the image of the country was undermined."

Interior minister Gerald Darmanin has also been heavily criticised for his words, having said that "massive, industrial-scale" ticket fraud from Liverpool fans had been the cause.

With both Liverpool and Real Madrid asking for answers from UEFA over the events that soured the occasion, the governing body offered up and apology last week.

They apologised for the "frightening and distressing events".

Adding: "No football fan should be put in that situation, and it must not happen again."

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