Fans baffled as Polish club use "unsettling" AI to communicate with supporters

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Polish outfit Wisla Krakow have been slated for using an "unsettling" artificial intelligence simulation from Mars to issue a controversial apology to the club's supporters.

Having suffered a shock relegated from the Ekstraklasa – Polish football's top-flight – last season, it's fair to say the team's supporters aren't best pleased with their club at present. So when Wisla Krakow decided to send out a controversial questionnaire to their fans, it did little to appease them.

To make matters worse, the club have since issued an apology to their supporters for the tone of their survey, but in the most perplexing manner. The baffling beg-pardon was issued by an "unsettling" AI from outer space.

Wisla, who are part-owned by Borussia Dortmund legend Jakub Blaszczykowski, received heavy backlash from their fans earlier in the week after issuing the persuasive poll relating to season ticket prices following the club's relegation. Supporters reacted fiercely after appearing to believe the survey was written in a manner which led them to specific answers.

Following the condemnation, the 14-time Polish champions further irked their fanbase by issuing a grovelling apology through an AI named Kasia. In a post to the club's Twitter account, the simulation told supporters: "I am just learning how to understand the mood of the fans.

"Sometimes I will do something stupid, like yesterday's poll. I promise improvement. Tickets for the next season will be at attractive prices – information soon. Thank you for completing the survey. Your answers are very helpful. Regards, Kasia."

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Kasia then repeated the apology in two more languages so as to make the message clear. However, it's fair to say the gimmick only added fuel to a raging fire of hatred aimed in the relegated club's direction.

One enraged supporter replied, "There is no better circus and joke right now", while another flabbergasted football fan wrote: "What the actual f*** this is? Wisla Krakow are using an Al to communicate to their fans. You can't make this stuff up."

Another added, "Wisla Krakow are now using AI named 'Kasia' to communicate their club statements via social media. Never seen this before and it's rather unsettling. At least make her blink…" A fourth fan stated: "No idea what drugs Wisla Krakow are on but I don't want some."

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