Ex-England footballer dies from cancer as fiance posts heartbreaking statement

Ex-England youth star Ben Cull has passed away after a long battle with a rare form of cancer with his fiancee posting a heartbreaking statement on social media to honour her late partner. The former Southampton academy player was diagnosed with Erwing’s sarcoma when he was 17 years old, cutting short his promising football career.

He had been playing for Southampton’s under-23 squad and also made a handful of appearances for England’s youth team. Cull proposed to his partner, Daisy Morrison, earlier this summer with the sweet moment shared on Instagram.

But Morrison announced on social media that Cull had passed away this week from his long battle with cancer. Her Instagram message began: “The hardest goodbye.

“Yesterday I lost my whole life, my fiance, my soulmate, my person, my entire world. I always hoped and prayed this day would never, ever come. True heartbreak is real, my heart physically hurts and I’ve never felt pain like this.

“I adored you more than words will every say and I know how much you adored me Ben, you told me every single day, you fought so hard for me and you always put me first and I will hold on to that forever. Right now it feels impossible to even put one foot forward in a world without you, you and I are a team and I’ve lost the strongest member.

“My mum and dad couldn’t of picked a better soulmate for me, they adored you, they think of you as a son and are hurting so bad right now. They say you go for someone like your father and god you were like dad, two peas in a pod, the best of friends, couldn’t of wished for a stronger bromance.

“You fought until the very end my darling, I know you did absolutely everything you could to stay and despite suffering so bad you kept going, that I will be forever grateful for, you never gave up, god just had his own plans. One thing I can say for sure is that we made the most of every single second. You and I both said we’d rather of met our soulmate and had less time, than lived a whole lifetime without each other.

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“You were the reason I smiled every day, my reason to wake up, you were the first person I’d turn to with a problem, the person I felt safe next to every night, the person who made a whole room laugh, you were my reason for it all, you gave me a purpose. The only person I want to speak to right now is you and I can’t do that which breaks me. You’ve told me so many times to be brave for you and never give up and I promise I am going to try.

“I already miss you so much and will do every single second of every day my darling bow, the cuddles, the kisses, the laughs, messages and everything. My heart will never, ever heal from this hole you’ve left.

“To let you go will always be the toughest thing I’ll ever have to do. Good night baby, I will see you up there one day, we will be reunited again my darling and finish out story as it isn’t over yet.”

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