England fans slam ITV’s coverage as adverts and commentary ‘ruin’ Denmark game

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England fans have slammed ITV’sEuro 2020 coverage for their semi-final against Denmark for having too many adverts and overbearing commentary.

The terrestrial broadcaster won the rights for the last-four game, with millions watching to see if the Three Lions can make it to the final against Italy.

They were treated to analysis from Manchester United legends Roy Keane and Gary Neville as well as Arsenal’s Ian Wright for 90 minutes in the build-up.

As 60,000 fans at Wembley soaked made their voices heard in a memorable moment, viewers of ITV had a very different experience.

Just after the teams had sung their national anthems, lead commentator Sam Matterface and co-commentator Lee Dixon gave their thoughts.

Instead of staying for the final huddles, though, ITV cut to an advert break before coming back to the kick-off.

And viewers have made their feelings known on Twitter, with one saying: “Bloody ITV and the ad breaks! Ruins the atmosphere!”

Another commented: “I hate ITV coverage for this bit right here!!

“You get all pumped up, on the edge of your seat & then have to watch a f***ing insurance or washing detergent advert.”

Who do you think has served up the best Euro 2020 broadcasting team – BBC or ITV? Let us know in the comment section.

While a third held nothing back, with: “ITV just went to the single worst advertising break I’ve ever experienced. Way to bring the mood down.”

And a fourth added: “ITV and their bloody adverts. I wouldn't be surprised if they interrupted the football with an ad.”

A fifth was left unimpressed with Matterface and Dixon, writing: “Can ITV commentators just shut up for 5 minutes so we can enjoy the crowd & atmosphere!”

Another said: “I really don't like the ITV commentators.”

While a seventh added: “The commentators on this game would bore holes in Concrete! An embarrassment.”

And a final supporter made a brutal suggestion, with: “ITV: Semi finals don't come round often… ENJOY IT…. now lets go to a break.

“Imagine letting ITV have a game of this level of importance.”

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