England fans buying condoms at Qatar World Cup could be ‘shopped’ to police

Footie fans buying condoms at the World Cup could be "shopped" to police by pharmacists.

Britons are being warned they risk jail or worse as sex outside of marriage is illegal in host country Qatar.

Last month the Daily Star Sunday revealed a sex ban had been effectively placed on the winter tournament, set to start in November, and now UK police warned fans there will be eyes and ears everywhere to stop travelling fans "misbehaving".

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It is against the law for unmarried couples to hold hands, be alone in private or live together.

Having sex outside of marriage is seen as one of the most severe crimes, punishable by life sentences and even the death penalty.

A UK-based police source inside the Qatar Taskforce said: "It is a learning curve for everyone.

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"But the differences in the ways we all live is very apparent.

"Police tell us that they have in the past received backhanders from pharmacists when people have come in to buy condoms that they know are not married.

"There is CCTV everywhere in Qatar, there are eyes and ears everywhere. Fans need to remember that."


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