Diego Maradona “wanted to meet” Craig Bellamy after Carlos Tevez recommendation

Former Manchester City ace Craig Bellamy was once summoned for a meeting with iconic World Cup winning captain Diego Maradona, after the Welshman’s then teammate Carlos Tevez sung his praises.

Bellamy played alongside the former Manchester United hitman during their time together at the Etihad Stadium between 2009 and 2011. As well as forming an impressive connection and understanding with each other on the pitch, the Welshman also struck up a friendship with Tevez.

And the precocious striker made such a positive impression on the former Juventus ace, that it filtered through to the former Barcelona and Argentina superstar. And the late midfielder, who is often revered as being the greatest footballer to ever play the game, decided that he would love to meet Bellamy, requesting to meet the striker when he wasin Liverpool.

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“He came into the training ground and I was close to Carlos,” Bellamy said to the Tubes and Ange golf life podcast. “I used to go around his house for food, he was a great guy. And then he said ‘look, what are you doing today after training?’

"So I was like ‘nothing’ and he goes, ‘well, I was just with Diego and he wants to meet you. ‘He’s at Liverpool crown plaza and he wants to know if you can come and meet him before he flies to Barcelona’. I was like ‘Maradona?’ and he said ‘yeah’ and I was like ‘yeah of course I am yeah I’d love to!’

“Like that’s one of my top three {people he would like} to go meet, you know. I met Mandela, I always wanted to meet him and then Tiger Woods, so I was like of course.”

Unfortunately for Bellamy, and perhaps Maradona, the Welshman had a very important visit that he had already committed to on the day.

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“I went into my locker and there was a club suit in there and I was like ‘I’ve got a funeral today’," Bellamy added. "A young kid, he had leukemia, and he was only young. He came into the club for a couple of months.

“He came in now and then and he passed away unfortunately, and I said to Vicky from the PR like ‘who’s going to the funeral?'. She said ‘we’re sending a reef’ and then I said ‘look I feel it's important a player goes there and I said ‘it’s no problem’.

“And then when I looked, I just said to Carlos, ‘I can’t go please, tell him my apologies, I would love to meet him, hopefully one day I get that opportunity again, but I’ve got to go to the funeral,' which I did.”

Sadly, Bellamy was never able to meet one of his greatest idols, as Maradona passed away on November 20, 2020.


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