Derby boss Wayne Rooney quizzed over future with points deduction looming

Defiant Wayne Rooney says he won't walk out on Derby come what may.

The Rams are facing a points deduction from the EFL which could send them hurtling to the bottom of the table but Rooney insists he's going nowhere.

The club are close to an agreed sanction for breaking financial fair play rules and look likely to be docked nine points with a further three suspended.

Rooney said: “I'm a fighter. I'm not going to walk away. It's not an ideal situation but it's where I am at and I see it as a personal challenge. I'm committed to this club. If we get nine points then that's the penalty we have to take.

“I'm still confident that we will stay in this division. I am a confident person. If they deduct us nine points, there is nothing I can do.”

The former England and Manchester United star, added: “I have a lot of faith in the players. If it's beyond nine points then it does become more difficult but my commitment is to this football club.

“he easiest thing for me to do would be to walk away. I'm not going to do that. It's a challenge and I love football.”

The 35-year-old said that he could have followed other top players by going into the media but had deliberately avoided that route.

“I've always wanted to stay in the game. It would have been easier for me to go into television and enjoy my life a little bit more, but I like working with players. This is the challenge."

The Rams have a home game with Stoke, still seeking their first home win of the season.

Rooney says the role of the supporters is key and says though he'd like to tell them more that responsibility was down to club owner Mel Morris.

He added: “The fans are so important. I would like to give them some news about what's going on, but I don't know, so I can't.

“I'd like to give them some sort of explanation, but unfortunately I can't give them those answers. There's only one person who can do that and that's Mel.”

Derby currently have seven points, so the nine point deduction widely speculated on, would mean they would go straight to the bottom with a minus points tally.

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