Denmark glamour model admits she "loves England" despite crunch Euro 2020 clash

A glamour model flying the flag for Denmark's Euro 2020 campaign admits she "loves England" despite the two going head-to-head on Wednesday night.

Katrina Maria – affectionately dubbed Manchester United's "sexiest fan" – is from the Faroe Islands but lives in Denmark.

She is backing the Danes against England in the quarter final at Wembley from 8pm.

But she admits she has mixed feels as she loves England, where her beloved Red Devils are from.

She also said that should England overcome Denmark, she will be backing them all the way should they face Italy in a potential final in London.

Katrina told DailyStarSport: "I love England, and if Denmark gets knocked out, I will cheer on England.

"I don’t have a shirt, but if i did I would wear it for sure.

"It feels like forever since I've been there. I can’t wait to come back to Old Trafford, it's my favourite place on Earth.

"My best player for Manchester United last season was Bruno Fernandes, what a player.

"I’m looking forward to see him score more goals for United next season."

She said before the tournament: "I support Denmark because I live there.

"The Faroe Islands, where I'm originally from, is part of Denmark, so you could say in some ways I'm Danish as well.

"And I'm also supporting Iceland, I think they have played well, with a good spirit, and they have already accomplished a lot for such a small nation. I hope to see them win even more.

"At some point I will pose in their shirts if they continue to play well, I will be posting something.

"I hope either Denmark or Iceland end up in the finals, and of course win it all, that would be really fun but I think I might have my hopes too high on this one."

However, Iceland failed to qualify.

She had earlier added: "The spirit is really high here in Denmark after the win against Russia, we believe in our players more than ever and we are ready for our next game against Wales."

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Denmark have had a remarkable Euro 2020 campaign, despite the terrifying open game in which star man Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest.

But they have bounced back and stormed through the knock-out with a 4-0 win over Wales and then a 2-1 win over Czech Republic.

England have also had an inspiring campaign so far, topping group D before storming to a brilliant 2-0 win over Germany and then a 4-0 win over Ukraine on Sunday.

Whoever wins will play Italy at Wembley on Sunday.

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