Deeney sends message to Arsenal’s Saka after admitting "hate" from Gunners fans

Watford captain Troy Deeney says he accepts that he will never see eye-to-eye with many Arsenal fans, but has heaped praise on Gunners youngster Bukayo Saka.

Deeney was criticised by Gunners supporters after he infamously taunted Arsenal following a defeat to the Hornets in October 2017.

Arsene Wenger's side surrendered a one goal lead to lose 2-1 at Vicarage Road, with Deeney scoring a penalty that was hotly disputed by the then Arsenal boss.

"I've heard Wenger's already blaming (the decision) as the reason why they lost," said Deeney after that game.

"I'm not going to be the one to tell Mr Wenger about himself, but there's a reason why they lost and it wasn't because of one penalty.

"I'll have to watch what I say. It's (having) a bit of cojones, a bit of nuts."

Deeney has represented something of a pantomime villain for Gunners fans ever since, but in an interview with Manchester United fan channel The United Stand, Deeney says he was only calling the situation as he saw it.

"Arsenal people hate me but it is what it is," he said.

"The reason me and someone like (Arsenal Fan TV regulars) DT get on, or me and Robbie or me and Troopz, is because I’m not saying Arsenal are crap, or these players are not good enough.

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