Covidiot Matt Le Tissier claims gasping pandemic patients were "actors"

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Matt Le Tissier has claimed some coronavirus pandemic patients were “actors” and images of the Russia-Ukraine war have been “falsified”.

The ex-striker has attracted huge criticism since 2020 for his dubious and at-times dangerous opinions spouted on social media, which recently saw him removed from his role as an ambassador for Southampton FC. His outlandish views surrounding the government, Covid-19 and politics include debating the need for a vaccine and the wearing of masks.

And in a bizarre new interview, the controversial Southampton legend has gone one step further. An article published by The Times revealed Le Tissier believes some dying Coronavirus patients shown at the start of the pandemic were paid actors.

When asked about images from Bergamo of hospitals overwhelmed by gasping, dying patients, he replied: “Some of those were actors, by the way.”

Le Tissier reportedly believes ventilators ‘caused harm to patients’ and PCR tests were ‘entirely responsible for elevating a flu bug into a pandemic’. He added that masks are a sign of weak compliance.

The former Premier League striker claimed to have received his knowledge from ‘many scientific papers’, saying: “If you think otherwise, you haven’t really done your research without wishing to sound rude."

Le Tissier then turned his attention to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, having previously sparked anger by questioning the media's coverage of the massacre of Ukrainian civilians by Russian troops with a retweet which has since been deleted.

He explained: "The point of the tweet was to say 'don’t believe everything you read in times of war because both sides use propaganda.'"

Le Tissier went on to question the Russian killing of innocent Ukrainian civilians during the brutal invasion by raising the argument that it is strange there is not more footage of fighting, given modern technology.

He said of images depicting destroyed villages and towns: “Some of those images have been falsified, you know that don’t you?”

The former England international was axed by Sky Sports as a Soccer Saturday pundit just months into the pandemic. But he insists it was less to do with his views and more about it being “a show with five middle-aged white blokes on it”.

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