Chelsea warned Liverpool star Luis Diaz will give them FA Cup final "nightmares"

Luis Diaz reminds me of Luis Suarez and he could win the Liverpool the FA Cup final this weekend even if he doesn't start.

I just think he's a fantastic player who has settled quicker than smoke – and he's going to win more than Suarez ever did at Anfield. Suarez had one sensational season at Liverpool but the only trophy he ever won was the League Cup in 2012.

Diaz has already done that and he's going to end up winning a lot, lot more. He's always on the front foot, always gets the ball forward, makes good runs off the ball. He's a nightmare for defenders because you can't pick him up.

He's quick and direct and if he loses the ball he works his socks off to get it back. Suarez was the same. He ticks every box. I can't believe how outstanding he's been coming to a much tougher league – and he's had a tougher job than Suarez. Suarez came into a lesser team where he could become a big star quickly. But Diaz has come into one of the best teams in Europe. He's had to fight just to get in the team because Liverpool's front three is already the best in the business.

Words can't explain how good he's been in my opinion. He's not even guaranteed to start the final. But he has made such an impact off the bench that if he has to come on in the game, he could still be the matchwinner. Jurgen Klopp has two players who can come on and turn a game in Diaz and Diogo Jota. They've added that depth. But on any given day, Chelsea are as good as Liverpool or Manchester City. We saw that in the Carabao Cup final.

For me Chelsea should have won that game. There's nothing between these teams at times. Liverpool are just more consistent over the course of the season. Maybe it's down to tiredness at this late stage but both teams look very wide open at the moment. I just can't see there not being goals in this game. Both teams look tired after a really long hard season and there will be mistakes in the game. The forwards will get chances. I think it's a hard game to call.

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But I think Diaz gives Liverpool the edge if I'm being honest. He's been that good. And I just hope Thomas Tuchel doesn't do what he does with his goalkeepers again. This is a game Chelsea need to win. Play your best team. And don't switch keepers if it goes to penalties. It can work, but if it doesn't you end up looking foolish.

Tuchel for me is a great manager and it's wrong that people talk about him being under pressure to keep his job. But I don't buy into this idea that the takeover has made his life difficult. He has an unbelievable contract. At one of the best clubs in the world. You would like to think the new owners coming in recognise he's a great manager and is doing a good job. Chelsea are in two cup finals.
If they'd beaten Real Madrid in the Champions League we'd have been talking about one of the greatest comebacks of all time. It hasn't been that bad.

Salah still nudges out De Bruyne… just

Kevin De Bruyne is making a late case for footballer of the year. But Mohamed Salah is a worthy winner in my opinion. Sometimes I think we should wait until the end of the season before voting for these things because it could still be De Bruyne who decides the title. His ankle is better, he's fit again, and he's flying. And he is on a different planet to everyone else when he is playing like that. When he bursts through he can still play the absolutely perfect weight of pass. He's just been outstanding the last few weeks.

But De Bruyne had a spell earlier this season when he was coming back from injury and wasn't very good. Salah has been consistently good. I was impressed by how City responded after going out of the Champions League. They could have cracked but they looked strong. To go and beat Newcastle 5-0 was some doing – and it just showed how far behind Newcastle really are, because not one Newcastle player would get in City's squad. Then De Bruyne goes and destroys Wolves and if he keeps going like that he won't be far behind Salah at the top of the goalscoring charts!

Leeds need to hold their nerve

Leeds have self-destructed and they are playing their own cup final this weekend against Brighton. I didn't see this Leeds collapse coming. I didn't. They are completely and utterly in panic mode. It was a terrible tackle by Daniel James the other day against Chelsea. You do not need that happening. You've got to show some composure. But they've got two games that are winnable and if they beat Brighton or get a point I think they stay up – because I don't see Burnley winning another game.

They just have to stay composed because there's too much madness at the moment. I don't like to use the word brainless, I prefer composure. But there are people who panic under pressure and there are people who don't, and these players are self-destructing.
They have got to pull themselves together because they need to stay in the Premier League and it's getting harder and harder. Everton have started picking up points and it's in their hands to stay up now so Leeds have got to respond.

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