Chelsea title challenge depends on Frank Lampard keeping each squad member happy, says Paul Merson

“It depends how far they go in certain competitions, but that is where [Jose] Mourinho was great. If you look at his Chelsea team and the squad he had at Stamford Bridge, you never heard anybody moaning. From the outside, you always thought: ‘Wow! How do you keep all those players happy?’ There’s got to be an art to it, because when you’ve got that quality of player, to keep them all happy when they are not playing is a major skill.

“It’s alright people saying they get £100,000 a week, they get paid well or whatever, but they want to play football. As a player, you want to play football and that will be Lampard’s biggest challenge going forward.

“They also have to play a better quality of opponent in the games coming up, but everything at the moment looks good.”

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