Celtic are having to write to their smelly fans reminding them to WASH

Celtic chiefs have been forced to write to the club's fans reminding them to WASH.

The remarkable revelation comes about after the club received a complaint regarding one particularly pungent individual at Celtic Park, report the Daily Record.

Supporters from one section of the stadium were stunned to receive a letter reminding them not to turn up to games stinking of BO.

The letter was originally thought to be a hoax but it transpired that officials had indeed acted to help create reduce the negative “impact” of the pong.

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Celtic’s supporter liaison officer, John Paul Taylor, penned the letter after being officially approached by fans.

The letter, sent to one section of the main stand’s season ticket holders, claimed the smell was “impacting on the experience” of the match.

Taylor later took to Twitter, saying: “I can exclusively reveal its genuine, dispatched at the request of incumbents within the locale.”

Club officials refused to comment on the issue.

Taylor’s role, backed by UEFA, is designed to ensure that fans have a dedicated point of contact to represent the needs of fans.

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