Carragher tells fans to be careful what they wish for with Salah

‘I think Mo Salah is underappreciated… Mbappe and Sancho would struggle to match his numbers’: Jamie Carragher tells Anfield supporters to be careful what they wish for as Gary Neville says he would rank Egyptian ahead of Mane and Firmino

  • Liverpool hosted West Ham in the Premier League on Monday evening 
  • Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville discussed Mo Salah prior to the game
  • The Sky pundits were in agreement that Reds fans don’t value him enough 

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville are in agreement that Mohamed Salah does not get the credit from Liverpool fans that he deserves.

The Sky pundits discussed the Egyptian forward prior to the Reds’ clash with West Ham at Anfield on Monday.

And they both believe that he is currently being undervalued by his team’s supporters. 

‘With Mo Salah – I think he is underappreciated,’ former Liverpool captain Carragher said.

‘Salah is seen as world class outside, but with Liverpool fans I think he is a little bit underappreciated. Certainly going form what he did in his first season to now there is a slight dip.

‘It was never going to be 47 goals in a season, but looking at social media I think Liverpool have six world class players – Alisson, Trent Alexander-Anrold, Virgil van Dijk, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Salah.

‘Ask Liverpool fans would they take big money for any of the other five, whatever the figure was no chance – but if you ask for £130m for Salah would you take it? Oh yes.

‘He can frustrate you a bit but he is so good. He is not a winger, he is a wide forward. I see Salah constantly marked when he gets the ball, he almost marks himself. He does lose the ball a lot in situations like this.

‘There is no doubt there is a selfish side to his game. When he is in a shooting position, can I score? He is never normally looking for a pass and that is sometimes a frustration. 

‘Talking about most goals and assists – he gets a lot of assists too. He has 92 in total, behind only Lionel Messi. He’s played 97 games, never injured. He is there week in week out. 97 games out of 102.

‘If I’m a manager I want to know I’ve got a player week in week out, never misses.

‘Look at front three, would you rather Mane, Firmino or Salah go, everyone says Salah.

‘Maybe it is a dream of (Kylian) Mbappe coming in – as European champions. There is also (Jadon) Sancho. Mbappe is world class, Sancho looks on verge of world class. But I think it will be very difficult in first three years if they did sign to get those numbers.

‘Look at those numbers, only Messi is above this man. Liverpool need an attacker to come in because of Olympics and bringing in Origi isn’t enough. But no way in the world think of moving him on.

Neville then claimed that the dip in support for Salah is largely due to a belief that he could move on soon. 

‘It is never easy to replace a player like that. I said 18 months ago I thought Salah would leave. It is a bit simpler why Liverpool don’t demonstrate love for him the same way and they would sell him and it is a sense of affinity, there is a feeling he wants to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona and will take the big move and that is not a criticism.   

Affinity, loyalty, could he leave us? He could. He is perhaps using Liverpool as a stepping stone for his career. Let’s be honest Madrid and Barca for a lot of players are the pinnacle.  

Carragher agreed, saying: ‘The feeling I get from Liverpool fans is the Salah chant was first season, whole ground was bouncing with the chant. You don’t hear the Mo Salah chant in the last two years.

‘I’ve said this for years. If Barcelona come for one of your players you have a problem, no doubt about that, but right now where he is at, I think about supporters reaction to him and I scratch my head. There is more chance of Mane or Firmino staying.    

‘I love Mane and Firmino,’ replied Neville. ‘But I would take Salah over them all day long if I had a choice.’ 

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