Bale tight-lipped on reports he’ll quit football and wants to avoid "chaos"

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Gareth Bale is staying tight-lipped on whether he's planning to sensationally quit football after the Euros campaign with Wales.

The 31-year-old was twice given the opportunity to slam the door on suggestions emanating from Spain that he's on the verge of walking away.

The Wales legend is aware of reports that he could finish after negotiating a pay-off from the remaining 12 months of his £600,000 a week Real Madrid contract.

And he said after Tottenham's last game of the season that while he knew what he was doing it would “cause chaos” to reveal his plans now.

Talking from the Wales camp preparing for Wednesday night's friendly with France, Bale again seemed happy to leave the matter hanging in the air.

Asked to clear up reports that he could retire, Bale said: "Obviously there's been a lot of things written about whether I'm doing this and doing that.

"For me, the main thing is I don't want to say anything that's going to cause more chaos or more drama or cause a distraction. I just want to focus on this Euros.

"I don't want to say anything that is going to cause any problems on what I am doing or what I am not doing. My focus is just on the Euros. When the Euros finishes for us then I will sit down and decide what I want to do.”

Pressed on the matter saying that Wales fans would be worried if he quit, Bale said:

"Yeah, well. It's one of those. As I said, I'll sit down after the Euros and decide what I want to do.

"I want to give everything into this Euros and put in everything I can like we do in every single game. If I say something then it's just going to cause even more chaos so there's no point."

It seems hard to believe Bale would turn his back on the game with a hundred Wales caps on the horizon and a mega-bucks deal at Madrid.

But the fact that he already seems to have decided what he's doing also sparks suggestions that he might be heading Stateside to finish his career in the MLS.

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