Arsene Wenger stands by "ludicrous" Luis Suarez bid despite Carragher’s fury

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Arsene Wenger has admitted that there was no release clause over a head-turning transfer offer that could have seen Luis Suarez leave Liverpool for Arsenal back in 2013.

Arsenal were desperate to sign the controversial Uruguayan and bolster their strike force while hampering a rival but what followed might be one of the more bizarre transfer stories the Premier League has ever seen. The Gunners were under the impression that Suarez had a release clause worth £40million and saw their chance.

It led to a cheeky bid of £40,000,001 – but whatever information they had in north London might not have been totally accurate while Liverpool chief John Henry posted a legendary tweet that read: "What do you think they're smoking over there at Emirates?"

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He was not alone as Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was equally perplexed when he insisted that the transfer window fail was one of Wenger's biggest mistakes. He wrote in his Daily Mail column: "If you look back at Wenger’s 20 years in English football, there are so many highlights, but that day in July 2013, with the bid that enraged Liverpool, cannot be ignored.

"Not signing Suarez is the biggest mistake of Wenger’s reign. Had Arsenal pushed the boundaries for Suarez, perhaps with an offer of £50m, I believe they would have won the Barclays Premier League in two of the last three seasons.

"That’s the thing about Suarez: whichever team he plays for, he drags them to a higher level."

And even Wenger has admitted that Arsenal's attempts to sign Suarez were "ludicrous", though he has stuck to his guns over the transfer despite admitting that there was no release clause. “

"In 2014 [the 2013/14 season] we were looking to get Luis Suarez over,” Wenger wrote in his book My Life in Red and White. “We had an agreement with the player and his agent. But the agent claimed that there was a clause: with an offer above £40million, Liverpool would be obliged to let the player go.

“But thanks to an indiscretion within Liverpool, I found out that his clause never existed. To check this was true, we offered £40,000,001. This may have seemed ludicrous, I admit. But Liverpool did not want to sell Suarez, they could afford to keep him and there was already an offer from Barca on the horizon.”


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