Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand slam the FA for over One Love armband

‘It’s not fair on the players to have to deal with it’: Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand slam the FA for ‘folding like a pack of cards’ in the OneLove armband row after Harry Kane was forced to back down over LGBT band

  • Alan Shearer has said it is ‘unfair’ for players to deal with the One Love fallout
  • The FA have told England captain Harry Kane not to wear the rainbow armband
  • The decision was made after reports that Kane would be booked immediately
  • Rio Ferdinand slammed the FA for ‘folding like a pack of cards’ over the decision
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Alan Shearer has claimed it is not ‘fair on the players’ to have to deal with the issues surrounding the One Love captaincy armband this afternoon.

The decision was made today that Harry Kane would not wear the rainbow armband for England against Iran in the Three Lions’ opening game of the World Cup after reports emerged he risked being booked before the game for the gesture

Shearer, speaking on BBC before the game, insisted the players should only be thinking about how they can win the match and that it wasn’t right for them to have to deal with the debate around the armband.

The decision has been made that Harry Kane will not wear the One Love armband against Iran 

The FA made the call amid fears the England skipper would be booked immediately for performing the gesture

Alan Shearer (left) said it was ‘not fair’ for the players to have to deal with the fallout, while Rio Ferdinand (right) slammed the FA for ‘folding like a pack of cards’ over the issue

‘I don’t think it’s fair on the players having to deal with this’, Shearer said. They’ve done incredible work on the pitch during the pandemic and the FA knew they weren’t allowed to wear it so facing these questions. Its not fair on them. 

‘It could be one of the biggest games they’ll ever play. On the morning of a World Cup game, all they should be thinking about is how they win the game.’

Nine European captains had pledged to wear the One Love band as a stand of solidarity with the LGBT+ community during the Qatar World Cup. Homosexuality is illegal in the country.

Kane was one of nine European captains that had pledged to wear the armband in Qatar

Shearer also theorised the significance the gesture could have had, while Rio Ferdinand, also covering the game for BBC, criticised the FA for changing their minds so late on. 

‘It would have made a huge statement, Harry Kane coming out with the armband’, Shearer said. 

Ferdinand added: ‘You can’t win. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you speak out it’s “Oh you think you’re a politician now”. Federations have to be stronger and say “this is where we stand”.

England got their World Cup campaign underway on Monday afternoon against Iran

The players were forced to put the issue to the back of their minds ahead of and during the

‘They’ve all folded like a pack of cards after one bump in the road.’

The FA, in a joint statement with other country’s organisations, said: ‘We cannot put our players in a situation where they might be booked or even forced to leave the field of play.’

Kane had made his desire to perform the gesture clear just days ago, saying: ‘We have made it clear as a team, staff and organisation that we want to wear the armband. I know the FA are talking to FIFA and by game time they will have had their decision.’

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