22 players with exactly the same surname once faced each other in football match

A group of players who all shared the exact same surname once faced off against each other in a football match in Suffolk.

70 people with the surname Bungay travelled to the town of the same name in May 2012 to take part in a charity football match in aid of the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation.

The charity fundraises and works to care for vulnerable people in the face of adversity, with an attendance of more than 200 present to support the charity's cause.

According to the BBC, the match ended in a 6-6 draw with one player sent off for dissent.

All players from both teams, the match officials, mascots and one designated doctor all had the surname Bungay, with the fixture played at the home ground of local side Bungay Town.

The ages of those involved ranged from four to 68, with one player even travelling all the way from Australia to take part, although they may have regretted their decision afterwards.

Aussie Chris Bungay was reportedly sent off by referee John Bungay during the match for swearing, while one player, Keiran Bungay, is said to have grabbed a hat-trick during the high-scoring contest.

Event organiser and Bungay Town committee member Shaun Cole told the BBC at the time: "Keiran Bungay scored two penalties to complete his hat-trick and make it a draw.

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"The pitch was full of Bungays and the stand was full of Bungays. One chap came from Queensland, Australia, to play."

A similar event occurred during a cricket match in Bradford 11 years prior as Amarmilan faced Yorkshire LPS, although this time completely by accident.

The match in the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League was contested by 22 players who all had the surname Patel, with league secretary Don Butterfield admitting to The Sun: "We've never known anything like it.

"Luckily they only play each other twice a season – it was a nightmare for the umpires. I think we have created a little bit of history. It might have happened in India but never here."

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