Will Greenwood discusses the possible end of Premiership marquee players

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph claimed the Premiership are moving towards scrapping marquee player signings to cut down on their costs.

Each Premiership club can have two marquee player in their squad, whose wages are excluded from the £7m salary cap.

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However, the clubs are in trouble with the lockdown putting serious strain on their finances and they are looking at all scenarios to reduce their costs.

“It seems that this is something that will happen once we come out of lockdown,” said Will Greenwood on the Will Greenwood podcast.

“The pressure on the wage bill is just too much and the fragility of so many clubs means they are literally on the brink of existence.

“It is a nonsensical amount of pressure to put upon each other by having that race to the top by having those two marquee players.

“If they took that out of the equation, they may be able to manage the wage bill.”

Greenwood believes the loss of the marquee players would not have a negative impact on the Premiership despite the loss of some high profile foreign players.

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