Chile coach Pablo Lemoine says his team don't get opportunities

Chile coach Pablo Lemoine insists it’s impossible for minnows to be competitive at World Cups because they aren’t given more opportunities to play the world’s best teams

  • Chile coach Pablo Lemoine thinks it’s unfair that his side don’t play the top teams
  • The South American’s were thrashed 71-0 by England in their World Cup clash 
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Chile head coach Pablo Lemoine said it will be impossible for the minnows to compete at the World Cup unless they are given more opportunities.

Some of Chile’s players balance rugby with full-time jobs and they are rarely given the chance to play against tier one opposition.

Speaking after the 71-0 defeat, Lemoine said: ‘We put our hearts into it but we wore ourselves out. 

If you never play at this level it’s difficult to know what’s coming. This is the reality of the World Cup when you pay a top 10 team. 

Chile coach Pablo Lemoine doesn’t think it’s fair that his team doesn’t get the opportunities to play rugby’s top teams in-between tournaments 

Four years ago we were playing against Canada and Brazil but now we’re here. They compete against themselves. It’s terrible for us but that’s the reality.

We haven’t played that kind of game in the cycle between the World Cups. I hope that changes because it’s not good for the game or the supporters.’

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