Toto Wolff: What does the Mercedes boss do? Wolff details his job role

Lewis Hamilton and Wolff have ‘a good relationship’ says pundit

Toto Wolff has overseen Mercedes’ dominance of Formula 1 over the last seven seasons. The Austrian became managing partner of the team in January 2013 after purchasing a 30 per cent stake of the company. He was subsequently appointed Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport and went on to assume full responsibility for their entire motorsport programme.

Under his leadership, the team have won seven consecutive double F1 championships.

Here, Express Sport takes a closer look at his role with Mercedes.

What does Toto Wolff do?

After the 2020 season came to a conclusion, Wolff opened up about his job in a video posted on the team’s YouTube channel.

Wolff begins by describing himself as the “chief cheerleader” of the Mercedes F1 team.

The 49-year-old then goes into a bit more detail about his role.

“My job is divided between working in the office [and] going to meet sponsors,” said Wolff.

“I enjoy to see the ones that have been with us since a long time and we have established personal relationships.

“The other part is being on track. I travel to all of the races simply to keep an overview of what is going on.

“I enjoy that too because it’s mainly working with people.

“I wouldn’t be able to engineer a car, or design or develop a car. But I’m trying to provide a framework that works for all of us.

“This team has established a very close bond. It has become a camaraderie and that team spirit has kept us winning.”

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The Mercedes boss will now have the task of developing both its 2021 and 2022 cars simultaneously across the upcoming season.

Tweaks to the aerodynamics and a $145million cost cap have been brought in this year, with a host of new regulations taking effect in the following campaign.

“The biggest challenges, everybody talks about the regulation change for 2022 but there is actually a substantial one for ’21,” said Wolff.

“We lose quite a chunk of downforce, everybody loses that, which means around the tyres and floor, towards the end of the car, there is quite a considerable drop in downforce.

“That is something that we enjoy – catching up, working out how we interact with the new tyre.”

He added: “The obvious elephant in the room is the ’22 regulation, which is massive.

“It looks like a huge mountain to climb but this is what we like doing and is something over the next few years will motivate us extremely.”

The F1 2021 season is due to start in Bahrain on March 28.

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