Max Verstappen disagrees with Lewis Hamilton on returning to Spa for proper Belgian GP

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Verstappen won the Belgian Grand Prix in dramatic circumstances on the weekend, clinching victory over a two-lap race behind a safety car as rain massively disrupted proceedings at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. It was a disappointing ending to what had been an action-packed weekend and the fallout has spilled over into the week.

Mercedes’ current title leader and seven-time world champion Hamilton was one of many angry about the final outcome, insisting that the fans had been “robbed” and questioned why the race had been started in the first place.

“They stood out there for absolute hours in the rain, no covering in the grandstands – I think maybe on the pit grandstand there is – but cold and wet and particularly the kids.

”More importantly, they had to spend so much money with travelling, accommodation and then they didn’t get a race. Unfortunate, and I’m a little bit confused as to why they restarted the race because between the two hours when they stopped us the first time to the last time, there was no change in weather.

“I do feel the fans were robbed of a race today and I think they probably should get their money back.”

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Hamilton later admitted that he would like to see a window open up within F1 that would allow another meeting to be held in Belgium so that fans can be given a ‘free race’ to attend.

However, Verstappen has been more level-headed about the situation, and looked at the bigger picture regarding the hectic schedule the sport faces currently.

The Dutchman admitted: “There are already too many races, so we have to choose the right tracks.

‘Especially the good ones of course, but coming back here I don’t see it happening, especially since we already have 22 races behind us.”

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It was a very underwhelming finish to the Belgian Grand Prix, following a dramatic qualifying that saw Lando Norris crash out and George Russell claim second spot.

Verstappen then took home the victory on Sunday following the no contest Belgian GP, while Russell finished a brilliant second for Williams and Hamilton claimed third.

Verstappen’s victory meant that the gap at the top of the Drivers’ Standings has been cut – with half-points being awarded to drivers by virtue of their qualifying position.

It means Hamilton now has a mere three-point lead at the top of the leaderboard – with the title race between the Red Bull and Mercedes stars hotting up.

The duo will renew their thrilling rivalry at the Dutch Grand Prix over the weekend, with the race taking place at 2pm.

Both drivers, and fans alike, will be desperate for a full race this time round after the Belgian GP ended in an anti-climax.

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