Martin Brundle taunted over forgetting NBA player’s name at Miami GP

F1 preview: A lap of the Miami Grand Prix

Martin Brundle has been taunted for forgetting an NBA star’s name during his Miami Grand Prix grid walk. Brundle incorrectly thought basketball star Paulo Banchero was NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes at least season’s race.

Brundle reminded Banchero of the incident as he bumped into the Orlando Magic player on the grid. The Sky Sports commentator aughed: “I’ve found Paulo Banchero. Who I found him last year I just didn’t get his name right in the beginning. But what a year you’ve had since you made me infamous.

Banchero replied: “It’s been a hell of a year and I’m honoured that you know my name now man. You’re great at what you do.” Brundle called out to Banchero on the 2022 Miami grid with the player ignoring the Sky Sports presenter. 

However, he later clarified he had made an error after a producer highlighted the confusion through his earpiece. Brundle said on air: “It’s not Patrick. That’s why he ignored me in the beginning.”

After the race weekend, Brundle issued an apology to both stars in his Sky Sports column. Brundle wrote: “The grid was incredibly busy pre-race too, and my sincere apologies to Patrick Mahomes and Paolo Banchero for the confusion.”

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