Lews Hamilton shakes his head at Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘gross’ act

When Daniel Ricciardo finished third at the Eifel Grand Prix to end Renault’s nine year wait for a podium, the Aussie superstar forgot one of the most important things he needed to do — the shoey.

He made up for it later with an Instagram post but it just wasn’t the same. He needed a do-over.

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Luckily, the Aussie F1 star didn’t have to wait too long to redeem himself, sealing his second third-placed finish in three races at Emilia Romagna Grand Prix podium at, coming third behind Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton (first) and Valtteri Bottas (second).

This time, there was no forgetting.

Having showered his rivals in champagne, Ricciardo whipped off his shoe and drained out some sweat.

But just before he was about to take his sweet drink from the cup of success, Hamilton stopped the Aussie for a sip of his own — from Ricciardo’s other shoe.

Hamilton joins in for a Lewie Shoey.Source:Getty Images

He wasn’t about to turn a six-time — nearly seven-time — world champion down.

Although Hamilton didn’t like his drink, shaking his head in disgust, it was a moment Ricciardo wasn’t about to miss.

“I think they’ll be dancing (in the streets across Australia) because I didn’t forget the shoey,” Ricciardo said in the paddock. “You know what, on that, I was about to drink a beautiful fresh one, and I heard Lewis say, ‘Take your other shoe off’. And I was like, ‘No’ because three years ago on the podium, he said, ‘I’ll never ever drink it, you can offer me, you can force me, I’ll never do it’.

“And he even asked for it today. Took me by surprise but 2020 is the year of the strange so it was good fun, very happy.”

And the world was happy to see both a shoey in the moment and a new partner in Hamilton to partake — even if the Brit’s reaction suggested he’d made a huge mistake.

“Toe jam!” Hamilton said when asked what his beverage tasted like. “It definitely didn’t taste great.

“I don’t like champagne as it is, but that definitely tasted worse.”

Hamilton living like a "hermit" to avoid getting Covid, but happy to do a shoey out of Ricciardo's race boot. Gross! #F1

@danielricciardo does a shoey on the podium, offers @LewisHamilton the chance too and he takes it !!!! Yukkkkk … #monklife #livinglikeamonk #huh?

Good sport @LewisHamilton ….. taking a Shoey courtesy @danielricciardo 🍾 🥾 after @MercedesAMGF1 wrapped up title. pic.twitter.com/JvqaNKPSlD

[email protected] doing a #shoey! I’ve turned around on him.. what a guy! And how bloody good all round..Just Awesome @danielricciardo!! #F1 #EmiliaRomagnaGP @ricciardo pic.twitter.com/7UdUcI4WMg

The Lewey Shoey made it worth sitting through yet another week of God Save the Queen

Ricciardo and Hamilton do a shoey together!! Big shake of the head from Lewis after doing it hahaha 😂 #F1 #ImolaGP

Ricciardo rode his luck throughout the day, starting in fifth and pushing into fourth straight off the line.

But a perfect pit from Racing Point’s Sergio Perez saw him push ahead of Ricciardo into fourth and drop the Aussie back into fifth, where it seemed like he would stay for the rest of the race.

F1 can throw up some curveballs though with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen losing a rear tyre and crashing out of the race from second, and Ricciardo then getting a boost when Perez pitted for soft tyres on the subsequent safety car — a major gamble that didn’t pay off.

Ricciardo zoomed into third and despite being pushed by AlphaTauri’s Daniil Kvyat in the final five laps, held on for a famous podium.

Perez said missing the podium made it a “painful, painful day”.

The shoey’s been a long time coming.Source:Getty Images

Even Ricciardo was shocked by the move.

“I was honestly surprised that he boxed,” Ricciardo said. “He was quicker than us today and that’s the truth.

“I was like, ‘If he stays out, same car, same tyres, he should hold on to third’. Very surprised he boxed.

“The team asked how my tyres were, I said I was happy so I think that was enough for them to keep me out. I was more happy to go out swinging and if Perez passed me then that’s what we would have gone out anyway.

“Definitely the right call.”

But there won’t be a second tattoo for Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul, who was forced to get some ink after losing a bet with Ricciardo following the West Australian’s first podium for the team earlier this season.

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