Incredible picture shows just how lucky Zhou Guanyu was after horror crash

A shocking picture of the wreck left behind by Zhou Guanyu’s crash has shown just how lucky the Chinese Formula One driver was to survive.

The Alfa Romeo driver suffered a horror crash as he was flung upside-down into the air before the first corner of the British Grand Prix. His upended car scraped along the Silverstone track and gravel before clattering into the barriers in front of the shocked fans.

No replays of the multi-car collision were shown as viewers feared the worst for Zhou, until the 23-year-old was deemed okay and stretchered off to be taken to the medical centre for further evaluations.

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But a spine-chilling photo taken of his vehicle after the collision has once again shown how fortunate he was to come out unscathed. The snap shows Zhou’s Alfa horrifically wedged between the catch-fence and tyre wall of the track.

The vehicle appears a mere heap of metal as Zhou’s helmet can be spotted amongst the carnage. And it was even more remarkable that he was deemed not to have broken a single bone after the impact in what many have called the worst crash seen on an F1 circuit.

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The crash itself occurred when Pierre Gasly tried to go through a gap between Zhou and George Russell, which narrowed as the latter moved to the left. Gasly tried to back out but clipped Russell's rear left tyre, sending him into a spin.

The Mercedes slammed into an unsuspecting Zhou, causing him to flip and skid all the way to the safety barrier before flying over it and into the fencing. With the red flag instantly waved, Russell quickly exited his car to go and check on Zhou, who thankfully avoided serious injury largely thanks to the halo.

Zhou was later seen speaking to officials around the paddock, before tweeting: "I’m ok, all clear. Halo saved me today. Thanks everyone for your kind messages!"


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