Helmut Marko hits out at Lewis Hamilton for crash with Max Verstappen

‘We won’t stoop to that level’: Red Bull chief Helmut Marko hits out at Lewis Hamilton for causing the Silverstone crash which ended his F1 title rival Max Verstappen’s race

  • Sir Lewis won the British Grand Prix on Sunday after a highly controversial crash 
  • Mercedes feel it was a racing incident; Red Bull think it was dangerous driving 
  • Hamilton has now narrowed the gap to just eight points in the driver standings
  • The Brit received horrific racist abuse on social media following his race victory
  • And Marko also criticised Mercedes boss Toto Wolff for talking to the stewards 

Red Bull chief Helmut Marko has hit out at Lewis Hamilton for causing the controversial British Grand Prix crash which ended Max Verstappen’s race.

Sir Lewis and Verstappen are title rivals in the tightest race for the Formula One Drivers’ Championship in years, and Hamilton narrowed Verstappen’s lead to just eight points after winning the race with the Dutchman crashed out.

And Red Bull advisor Marko told OE24 that the clash – which led to Verstappen hitting the wall at 180mph – was not a ‘racing incident’ but dangerous driving from the Brit, who received horrific racist abuse after the race at Silverstone on Sunday.

Helmut Marko (second left) has hit out at Lewis Hamilton for his role in the crash at Silverstone

Red Bull driver Verstappen (centre) crashed out after an incident with Mercedes star Hamilton

Sir Lewis went on to win the race, narrowing Verstappen’s lead at the top to just eight points

He said: ‘Such an impact with 51 g is no (joke). The fact that Max survived it shows how well trained he is. He’s back in Monte Carlo, his physio is working with him. He’s doing surprisingly well. I would have thought he couldn’t move for a couple of days.

‘Everyone saw what was going on. Does it take more than to drive the front wheel into the opponent’s rear wheel (to get a race suspension)? Hamilton would never have come around the curve with his line at this speed, it was way too far inside.

‘Max will do everything in his power to win the World Championship. But we will certainly not aim for a revenge foul or other stupidities. We won’t stoop to that level.’

But Red Bull advisor Marko felt that dangerous driving from Hamilton (right) caused the crash

The Brit received horrific racist abuse on social media after the race, which Red Bull criticised

Hamilton received a ten-second penalty for the incident, but that did not prove a barrier to him winning the race, with his main rival out of action.

Discussing the manner of Mercedes’ celebrations, criticised by Verstappen as overexuberant, Marko stated he was not surprised.

He added: ‘That’s the way it is with Mercedes. Mr. Wolff had no business with the stewards either. (Manager of Austria’s football team) Franco Foda does not go to the video referees at a soccer match and explain his personal point of view to them.’  

Verstappen also criticised Hamilton on Twitter from his hospital bed before Hamilton replied

Red Bull boss Christian Horner said: ‘Every driver knows that a move at that corner — one of the fastest in Formula One — is a massive, massive risk. 

‘You don’t put a wheel up the inside without there being huge consequences. We are lucky today that there wasn’t someone seriously hurt. What I am most angry about is the lack of judgment, and the desperation in this move. It was never on.’

Former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone agreed, but Hamilton defended himself, responding: ‘I always try to be measured in battles with Max and he is aggressive. I was fully alongside him and he did not give me the space.’

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