Fans who cheer crashes not welcome in F1 says Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo followed Max Verstappen's lead by reminding Formula1 fans "we risk our lives".

The reigning world champion recently urged fans to not behave "like football fans" after a series of incidents that that have seen him and arch rival Lewis Hamilton be targeted with horrific abuse from the stands. Verstappen was given a very hostile reception at the British Grand Prix, prompting Hamilton to defend his rival and call for calm and respect from his fan-base.

Barely a week later, the atmosphere became even more sinister when Verstappen supporters were seen cheering when Hamilton crashed during qualifying at the Austrian Grand Prix. When asked about Verstappen's comments and the uncomfortable atmosphere's, Ricciardo, asked fans to remember the risk each driver takes every time they get behind the wheel.

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"It's funny every sport has their own fan etiquette in a way," Ricciardo said in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Sport. "For example, in tennis you know nobody talks in tennis, it's quite pleasing. They clap and everybody is polite.

"I feel racing has been more on that side when there is always respect and I think it's because we do risk our life every time we get behind the wheel. I appreciate everybody has favourites, and you may be a Hamilton supporter and not a Verstappen supporter, which is totally okay.

"But, I guess, what we want from the fans is a level of respect. I know when Lewis [Hamilton] crashed in the qualifiers in Austria, some of the crowd was cheering.

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"We don't want those sort of fans where they are cheering somebody's loss or potential injury. So we ask for enough respect. There's that, and of course, have you favourites and cheer for that guy."

Ricciardo's comments promptly follow those by Verstappen. The Flying Dutchman said the behaviour of many racing fans have often mimicked the toxic scenes that have been seen at football matches in the past.

"Basically, I think it's a shame that the fans react like football fans, who always boo the opponent," Verstappen told Sport1, via Daily Star Sport. "In the Netherlands they whistle Lewis, in England they do it to me. I think it’s a shame because we often have extremely tough, sporting fights."

Ricciardo was speaking at the launch of the McLaren Turbo Series on PartyPoker, in association with McLaren Racing. The full McLaren Turbo Series schedule can be seen here.


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