F1 icon and Channel 4 pundit Eddie Jordan is worth over £80m more than Ronaldo

He might be known the world over, but Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo lags over £80million behind F1 legend Eddie Jordan when it comes to their comparative net worths.

Former F1 team owner Jordan, 74, is reportedly worth a colossal £498million and has a variety of business interests that range from property and publishing. An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, the Irishman used to trade conkers in the school playground before graduating onto buying and selling schoolbooks.

From small acorns mighty oaks grow. Jordan soon progressed onto second-hand cars, even though his parents wanted him to be a priest or a dentist.

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"If you buy something really well enough, you should always make a profit," he told the Independent.ie in 2016. "You'll never go skint making a profit, and there's nothing wrong with it.

"In my late teens and early 20s, I learned so much about dealing with people and seeing how they conducted themselves in a deal from buying and selling used cars."

Naturally, his love of cars led him to the world of F1 where he set up Eddie Jordan Racing. That soon turned into just Jordan, which became a mainstay on the grid from 1991 until 2005.

Jordan sold the team for a reported £50million and has since invested in a host of different projects, including Valeo Foods and a £1billion New York skyscraper.

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These days he is estimated to be worth around £498million, making him over £80million richer than Ronaldo, who is said to be worth £415million.

Forbes claimed the superstar footballer raked in over £50million through on-field earnings last year, which makes up the majority of the £88million he made for the whole of 2021.

Ronaldo's income is supplemented by a tranche of sponsorship deals, with Marca reporting that the Portuguese winger has tie-ups with names such as Armani, Clear Shampoo, Herbalife and Unilever.

There's a fair chance the 37-year-old has heard of Jordan, too. Ronaldo has been pictured with F1 drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Nikita Mazepin and Charles Leclerc in the past.

Net worth figures according to Celebritynetworth.com.


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