Carlos Sainz lifts lid on quarantine life as McLaren F1 ace tests negative for coronavirus

Carlos Sainz has opened up on life in quarantine after testing negative for the deadly coronavirus. The McLaren driver flew back to Europe with most of the team following the cancellation of last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

That decision was taken after coronavirus had made its way into the F1 paddock in Melbourne, with a member of McLaren personnel testing positive for it.

14 of Sainz’s McLaren colleagues were forced to stay in self-isolation in their hotel in Australia, though their chief executive Zak Brown provided a positive update on improvements in their health on Monday.

Sainz has since been tested for coronavirus and his results came back negative – but he’s going to remain in quarantine and has urged fans to do the same.

Taking to Twitter, the 25-year-old lifted the lid on what he’s been up to behind the scenes and sent a heartfelt message to McLaren personnel who are still in Australia.

“Hey guys, how are you doing? I’m back home now here in Spain, enjoying the quarantine since one of our team members tested positive for coronavirus in Australia on Thursday,” said Sainz.

“We had to put ourselves in strict quarantine, individual strict quarantine. It’s been a busy few days trying to organise my life since then.

“Obviously I’m a bit bored. I guess everyone who’s doing this quarantine is a bit bored. But, at the same time, I’m trying to do some sport, I’m trying keep myself busy and do the kind of things that I would never do because of so much travelling.

“And from here I just wanted to send a message to all the mechanics, people that stayed there in Australia, sending them some good vibes, sending them a lot of positivity and sending them a big hug because I’m sure we’re all gonna leave this quarantine as soon as possible and as soon as we’re done we will get back to business and as soon as this virus is over we will go back racing.

“I cannot wait, to be honest, I miss racing. I miss travelling around the world with my team. But in the end this is something that will pass. Something that we’ll need to get over it as soon as possible.


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“And, for that, better stay home, better stay in quarantine, better not do much [outside] and keep ourselves busy [at home]. All the best, guys. Let’s keep pushing and be back stronger. Bye.”

Sainz followed up the video, shared with a caption of “Be responsible and stay positive these days! #StayAtHome. I also wanted to send positive vibes to McLaren F1 team & all the members that stayed in quarantine”, by confirming he has tested negative for coronavirus.

Along with a picture of himself in the gym, Sainz tweeted: “NEGATIVE IN COVID-19. POSITIVE IN ATTITUDE After what happened in Australia. I needed to do the COVID-19 test and I am very happy because the results are negative. In reality it won’t change much, because I will continue in quarantine. #Stayathome.”

The cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix was followed by the postponement of the upcoming F1 races in Bahrain and Vietnam.

The Chinese Grand Prix has also been scrapped, with F1 chiefs now planning to start the 2020 season in Monaco on May 24.

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