Aston Martin's Sebastian Vettel DISQUALIFED from the Hungarian GP

Sebastian Vettel is DISQUALIFED from the Hungarian Grand Prix after the Aston Martin driver failed to provide a sufficient fuel sample at the finish… meaning championship leader Lewis Hamilton takes second spot and Carlos Sainz rounds off the podium

  • Sebastian Vettel was unable to provide a sufficient fuel sample size to the FIA 
  • Aston Martin driver Vettel finished second at a chaotic Hungarian Grand Prix 
  • But Lewis Hamilton will now take the runner-up spot after ending up in third 
  • Stewards investigated Vettel for more than four hours after the chequered flag 

Sebastian Vettel was dramatically disqualified from the Hungarian Grand Prix for not having enough fuel in his car at the finish – elevating Lewis Hamilton to second.

The Aston Martin driver finished second, behind Alpine’s Esteban Ocon, in a thrilling 70-lap race that saw five cars forced into retirement after a pile-up on the first corner of the opening lap.

But stewards investigated Vettel more than four hours after the chequered flag due to an insufficient fuel sample size taken by FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer.

Sebastian Vettel was disqualified from the Hungarian Grand Prix for not having enough fuel

Disqualification for Vettel saw championship leader Hamilton, who brilliantly navigated from the back of the field on lap three to finish on the podium, promoted to second. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz rounds out the newly revised podium.

Max Verstappen, who had a miserable day down in 10th has been boosted to ninth, leaving him eight points behind Hamilton in the title race.

Teams are required to provide a one litre sample of fuel to the FIA as per rule 6.6.2 in the Formula One Technical Regulations for the end of a grand prix.

There was concern that both Williams drivers Nicholas Latifi and George Russell, who broke down in tears after earning his first points finish in F1, could also fall foul but the FIA were able to take the required one litre sample.

Lewis Hamilton has now taken second place on the podium after initially finishing in third

It was found that Vettel, who did not bring his car back to the pits, instead abandoning his at Turn 12 on the cool-down lap, could only provide 300 millilitres of fuel which sparked a stewards’ investigation.

A team representative was required to appear in front of stewards at 8.20pm local time but it took more than 90 minutes to reach a decision.

‘During the hearing in presence of the FIA Technical Delegate and the FIA Technical Director the team principal of Aston Martin stated that there must be 1.44 litres left in the tank, but they are not able to get it out,’ an FIA statement read.

Vettel has previous with this fuel issue having been caught out in 2012 along with Hamilton in qualifying sessions which saw them thrown out.

Vettel (seen with Hamilton) was unable to provide a sufficient fuel sample after the race’s finish

Demand to see the FIA’s explanation for the Vettel and Russell ruling saw the website crash.

It marked the second summons for Vettel by stewards having earlier been reprimanded for not removing his t-shirt during the national anthem.

Vettel sported a rainbow-coloured t-shirt, which read ‘Same Love’, in his alliance with the LGBTQ+ community in Hungary following controversial anti-LGBTQ+ laws in the country banning ‘homosexual and transsexual propaganda’.

While drivers are free to promote messages of support before races they are required under F1 rules to remove t-shirts prior to the national anthem performance, something four drivers failed to do on Sunday.

Vettel had been summoned by stewards and reprimanded for not removing his rainbow t-shirt

Along with Vettel, Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll – who all wore ‘We Race As One’ shirts – were punished.

Upon news of his t-shirt faux pas, Vettel joked he would be ‘happy’ if he was disqualified over making a stand.

‘I’m happy if they disqualify me,’ he told Sky Sports. ‘They can do whatever they want to me, I don’t care. I would do it again.’

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