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Ridiane Denis, BS, dilantin iv administration filter RN, MD, director of clinical research and operations at BU's Clinical & Translational Science Institute, has received a 2021 Perkins Award for distinguished service to the University. Denis is one of three winners of this annual award administered by BU's Faculty Council.

In a letter nominating Denis, a colleague wrote "I cannot identify a bigger hero in our research enterprise than Dr. Denis, who not only worked with multiple partners and [principal investigators] but also supported her staff through this difficult and sometimes uncertain period of time.

"I have witnessed the long hours, the incredible dedication, and the passion she has put into not only our project, but also the important research that Boston Medical Center (Boston University School of Medicine's teaching hospital) has carried out to improve our knowledge of this pathogen and improve care of our patients."

"The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that my team is contributing to valuable present and future research to ameliorate or provide a cure for individuals and/or families," says Denis, who has worked at BU for more than eight years.

COVID-19 did not affect me; on the contrary, it propelled and inspired me."

Ridiane Denis, BS, RN, MD, Director, Clinical Research and Operations, Clinical & Translational Science Institute, Boston University

Nominated by professors, Denis will receive $500, courtesy of an endowment provided by the estate of John S. Perkins, a BU trustee, administrator and faculty member. The awards were created in 1981.


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